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(1) Fixed a bug in the link recording function
(2) Addition of sounds that can be used in the free edition

New demo free scene

Link recording demo

How to use the link record action

Liquid function

How to install DirectorNeoVAM

Tutorial video

Character editor function 2020/12/4 release

It is a mod equipped with an original event system developed for the SEX simulator.
Contains many erotic sounds of Japanese anime.
Implemented an original animation system called snap animation.
It can be operated by voice by voice recognition.
If the number of supporters increases, we will order additional sounds.
Implements advanced lip sync function.
Implemented movement in VR and waist swing without tracker.
Implemented catalog creation function for external assets.

The free version is available on Patreon.
There are demo scenes for VR and monitor, so please try it.

Includes 300 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)

Includes 300 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)

Includes 595 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)

Includes 136 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)
voice20210312 - コピー.png

Includes 88 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)
First release
Last update
2.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. DirectorNeoVAM Release

    (1) Fixed a bug in the link recording function (2) Addition of sounds that can be used in the...
  2. DirectorNeoVAM Release

    (1)Fixed a bug where the hourglass would continue to appear. (2)Fixed a bug related to scene...
  3. DirectorNeoVAM Release

    (1)Fixed a bug in the link recording function. (2)Added the function to look the camera on the...

Latest reviews

The best feature in DirectorNeoVAM is just how easy it is to uninstall. Also it should be noted that the demo version lasts approximately 30 seconds. Don't waste your time!
In response to the below comment. This mod is purely for self satisfaction - and it improves each and every update. Below is upset he cannot financially capitalize on this developers hard work. He (presumably a he) is a total idiot. This software is for you - the average horny content browser looking for value. This is, quite literally, what makes the below irrelevant
who wants to pay for this garbage when you can't publically release the scene you've made using this plugin,
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