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Paid Plugins DirectorNeoVAM

(1)Fixed a bug that the position of the file reference window shifts in VR

New demo free scene

Link recording demo

How to use the link record action

Liquid function

How to install DirectorNeoVAM

Tutorial video

Character editor function 2020/12/4 release

It is a mod equipped with an original event system developed for the SEX simulator.
Contains many erotic sounds of Japanese anime.
Implemented an original animation system called snap animation.
It can be operated by voice by voice recognition.
If the number of supporters increases, we will order additional sounds.
Implements advanced lip sync function.
Implemented movement in VR and waist swing without tracker.
Implemented catalog creation function for external assets.

The free version is available on Patreon.
There are demo scenes for VR and monitor, so please try it.

Includes 300 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)

Includes 300 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)

Includes 595 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)

Includes 136 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)
voice20210312 - コピー.png

Includes 88 erotic voices.(Std , Pro Ver)
First release
Last update
1.67 star(s) 6 ratings

More resources from kantoku-VAM

Latest updates

  1. DirectorNeoVAM Release

    (1)Fixed a bug that the position of the file reference window shifts in VR
  2. DirectorNeoVAM Release

    Fixed a bug that the line of sight does not move with the link record action
  3. DirectorNeoVAM Release

    Bug fixes and specification changes.

Latest reviews

I've spent two days trying to get this along with a couple of scenes for it to work and have now given up, I've uninstalled it and un-subbed, such a waste of time and money.
On a side note this messed up other non related scenes that were working perfectly before I installed this, huge FPS loss when in VR and when I tried to change model looks the window was not only so small I couldn't see it well but it was up high, as soon as I uninstalled DirectorNeo everything works well again, FPS is back up and window boxes back to the correct size and position.
This is such a buggy mess and such poor communication it's not worth wasting time on if it was free but the fact the creator is trying to get money for it is unreal.
It is a bug that the position of the window shifts, so we will fix it in the next version.
Other than that, you're using it incorrectly.
Did you play the Harlem modern house scene?
If other people can play without problems, but you can't play, there is a problem on your side.
If you can explain in detail what kind of problem you are having,
I can investigate the cause.
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I wanted to try the free version before subscribing for the paid version. The free version doesn't work. It just says the free period has expired. There is no uninstaller and it will fill your VaM folder with more than half a gig of files in multiple places that you'll have to track down. Nothing this invasive without a proper uninstaller should be on this site. The hub should remove it.
The uninstall method is described in the Readme.
The free version has a limited usage time, as stated on the Patreon site.
Many people are trying it out with the free version.
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The best feature in DirectorNeoVAM is just how easy it is to uninstall. Also it should be noted that the demo version lasts approximately 30 seconds. Don't waste your time!
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In response to the below comment. This mod is purely for self satisfaction - and it improves each and every update. Below is upset he cannot financially capitalize on this developers hard work. He (presumably a he) is a total idiot. This software is for you - the average horny content browser looking for value. This is, quite literally, what makes the below irrelevant
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who wants to pay for this garbage when you can't publically release the scene you've made using this plugin,
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