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Looks Demi from Sub 2021-04-17

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It was a bit rush, report problem if see any.
Hair is CUA, skin looks the best when the smooth iteration in setting set to 0
Emissive setup please refer to

Known Issues:
  1. Should be fixed by updates, let me know if there is anything new.

@rostrum and @_Wolf_ on my discord helping extract data
@immyneedscake for the pointers on emissive mats and other help.
coincidentally we worked on the same char, his emissive should be much better.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Updated most of aspects of Demi

    Clothing: Added Better Eyelashes as Clothing, could be used by other girls Added Nipple, not...

Latest reviews

I lick this very much thank you
Love this though I still cant make the led glow?
if you still have problem get it up after reading the tutorials, then find some help on discord
Great with some more android/robot looks. Using the emissive eyes, clothing details and geoshell skin preset for this look and get it up and running is a real treat in VaM (in low-lit scenes) in VR!
thanks man, was thinking to use cua manager, but it only one hair so I just did it simpler
Now this blew my mind. I got the game on Steam but if they could incorporate VR into the game. I would totally love the experience a lot more.
Thanks. I bought it, like what they have done, could be better and there is a long way to go
Woah, how do you make such amazing... everything? You're a magician.
Thanks man, you are exaggerating, I am just a potato.
I would give this 5 stars wholeheartedly because its really awesome.
However I can not save the look and load it without the loss of her hair.
I'm probably just too stupid and I am happy enough already to get the program to run at all.
However, if someone could explain how to load her into scenes as is, that would greatly benefit my fapping nights.

All in all superb work.
Well done!
thanks. there are several improvement needed tbh
This is GREAT! who doesnt love robogirls!
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