Demi from Sub

Looks Demi from Sub 2021-04-17

  1. Added Better Eyelashes as Clothing, could be used by other girls
  2. Added Nipple, not official from Sub
  3. Suit mesh update with better quality
  4. Suit added sim to undress
  5. Suit added a cover version, good to cover nipples
  6. Gen Gear and Wristband update mesh, better deformation
  7. Collar Bow Tie add sim and better texture
  8. Heels added additional version for regular feet and small feet
  9. Emissive updated, should be able to add plugin to work right out of the box

  1. Skin repainted to correct issues around mouth, feet, genital
  2. Skin added inner mouth, teeth, tongue
  3. Head Morph update with better mouth
  4. Body morph updated with better hands and smaller feet
  5. Hair CUA added better texture, correct emissive value, added inner faces
  6. Hair CUA show up correctly in VR
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