CUA Superglue

Plugins CUA Superglue 1.0.2

must have plugin !! thx bro... really help for aset i created with blender !!
A must have.
And here I was days ago making a suggestion elsewhere that creators should universally always ParentHoldLink their look-release CUAs...I guess that's no longer necessary?

What an awesome development.
Great stuff! Love how simple it is to use.
Works great! and I can leave it on for everything now instead of having to add a plugin for each asset. And screw the person who left the bad review. They're quite rude and don't belong in this community.
Another essential plugin, thank you.
Only just tried it and works like a charm. Many thanks for this.
Also, very nice thumbnail, it's really funny xD
Good job!!
Oh WOW, the difference this makes is incredible. Thank you so so so much!!!
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