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Spooky time has come round again and here is my contribution for VamπŸŽƒween!!

Screenshot (291).png

Included in the Var are:

Witch cosplay Camille in a extra special Spooky scene
Supermodel Camille in one of my studio scenes inc light rig
Hand painted makeup texture featuring VL_13 eyeliner
Hand painted Spooky nail art
Multiple tattoo decals
Witches Hat, Dress and Skirt by Lustravias which I have retextured including multiple presets
My full body glitter as clothing
Face jewellery clothing item
The Travellers Broom CUA

Screenshot (368).png

Screenshot (357).png

Witch studio.png

dForce Witching Outfit by Lustravias converted and retextured


stockings shot.png

Screenshot (369).png

A supermassive thanks go to all the amazing creators for their time and effort making the resources used here! Love all your work and I'm hungry for more!
Travellers Broom CUA https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/the-travelers-broomstick-995c407724b14bfdb8f4025f4a27a41b

Any problems please send me a DM or use the discussions tab​

As always please leave a rating and a love, this one has been far more work than anything I've done before and taken the last month of my life and id really appreciate it ❀❀❀

Total Size
285.92 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 33 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Appearance presets & QOL

    Added Appearance presets for both versions of Camille, Yes the morphs are different...

Latest reviews

What a superbabe, round 2 for this years halloween please.
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A smorgasbord of content here and a freaking stunner to show it off. Can I ask for some of this stuff to be split out into their own vars please as theres too many deps to use them for anything useful.
Upvote 0
Perfect 10 all day long and what a bonanza of extras! Insta DL as always!
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So hot and sexy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Upvote 0
Just beautiful Juno! But its a bit large, can it be smaller somehow?
Upvote 0
wow I give this 20 stars minimum!. 5 for Camille, 5 for the light rig, 5 for the socks and 5 for the glitter but thats selling it short....
Upvote 0
Sooo beauty witch!!! Thanx for share dude!!!
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Camille is just stunning, the smorgasbord of extras is the whipped cream sprinkles and the cherry on top!
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Superb work indeed but please turn down the mirror, 4k and 8x msaa are great for screenshots but killer for players.
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Both models are presented beautifully, the mirror pose is PERFECTION and the atmosphere in the halloween scene is wonderful. Quality wrapped up in quality with sparkles on top.
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