1. PUTZ

    Clothing FREE Cosplay “Tentacool” Tops in 12+ Styles 1

    Cosplay “Tentacool” Top [ VAM/AddonPackages ] by Drape some tentacles over your favorite VAM Girl for some sucking and splatting. 8+ Styles & Physics. FREE Post with DL: Free Mega DL -...
  2. OniEkohvius

    Looks Loba 1.0

    Loba The main screenshots here are to show off the model. Unfortunately I can't include the assets as they aren't free. Please see the screenshots at the bottom for the scene included. The hair in the pool screenshots is from Testitou's TLOU2 Ellie port but is not used in the included scene...
  3. OniEkohvius

    Looks P5 - Makoto 1.0

    P5 Makoto This was the first Persona model I ported and learned a lot from. As a result, it's not quite as good as the other two I've done (Ann + Takemi screenshots below) but I've been asked to share it on multiple occasions so here it is. Do NOT use model or clothing on any patreon posts /...
  4. CosplayX

    Paid Looks Miss vendetta cosplayX look 1

  5. CosplayX

    Paid Clothing Cosplay Vendetta mask 1

  6. yolandi.jpg


  7. Mr.CadillacV8

    Paid Clothing YuVi - Dood Maker Outfit V1

    YuVi - Dood Maker Outfit Since you've already voted for more cosplay outfits, I've come up with something special. And yes, this outfit was already close to my heart. The set includes top, hot pants, elbow and knee pads, bandages, gloves and of course the Clock17. I will submit more textures...
  8. PUTZ

    Paid Scenes Ex. DL | “The MAIDS” Sisters Narnia 23yr & Oppi 18yr! 5+ scenes! New Body Style Morphs... 1

    Ex. DL | “The MAIDS” Sisters Narnia 23yr & Oppi 18yr! 5+ scenes! A Patron's of the PUTZ Exclusive [ Shining Star Tier & Up ] Support a PUTZ & DL Today ... “The MAIDS” starring Two Sisters "Narnia 23yr" & "Oppi 18yr"! 5+ Interactive Scenes! [Req. Clothing DL Links Below]...
  9. PUTZ

    Clothing FREE DL | Sexy Maid Shirts in 15+ HD Styles 1

    Free DL | Sexy Maid Shirts in 15+ HD Styles by Sexy Maid Shirts [ VAM/AddonPackages ] by A Sexy Top that’s a mashup of a French/Japanese Maid and Harajuku Girl with 10+ HD Styles! Free DL Post - (Direct Mega Link...
  10. vecterror

    Paid Looks A sweet Candy to suck on 1.0

    Something sweet to suck on for a relaxing Sunday. Hairstyle by VaMChan >> and Hairstyle by NoStage3 >> Sexy sailor outfit by NoOC>> Simple Headband by VaMChan>>
  11. trety

    Looks New hope 2021-02-24

    Quick and dirty conversion of Shinteo's G8 port. Did it for testing clones only conversion method instead of premade scripts. Saw some people might be interested with the model itself so posting her here. Includes model with textures and not simmed clothing. No scene, only app preset. Using...
  12. vecterror

    Paid Looks request from a galaxy far far away ... 1.0

    ... and again a character from the most legendary universe of our time. Here I have put a little more love into the setting. Enjoy your Sunday and have fun with this lady. Hair by NoStage3: Hair 1>>> Hair2>>>> Clothing by JoyBoy: Top>> Costume>>
  13. soupface27

    Looks Meeghan Turnkey 2

    Here is one i hope folks can enjoy as i actually rather enjoyed trying to create her. She looks pretty good in mostly anything since she is a cosplay connoisseur - i even experimented as you can see in the image below. None of the clothing you see below is included, however what is included...
  14. Virtamouse

    Paid Looks Hannah Pathaway 2021-02-12

    Hair by Vamchan- Hannah Pathaway by virtamouse aka Mousewoman.
  15. Miki

    Paid Looks Ana 1

    As voted with most popularity in the last patron poll: Ana is an Egyptian sniper and she is locked, loaded, and ready to deliver the medicine. She comes with face body & genital morphs, two hairstyles, & custom makeup. The outfit as pictured is created by none other than MeshedVR included in...
  16. PUTZ

    Paid Clothing DL Clothing | Cyber Straps LUX "Our finest item yet!" ~ PUTZ 1

    Cyber Straps LUX [ Patron's Exclusive for now... ] by Live the glamorous life in the LUX Cyber Straps, leg cuffs and mini skirt, in HD Custom Designed Styles. PAID POST - "The finest clothing item we've created yet! Currently Patron's...
  17. OniEkohvius

    Looks Honoka 1.0

    Based on Mustard's Honoka from Dead or Alive. Hair is a custom edit using an existing scalp but it's been a long time since I made this model so I can't remember the exact base. Sharing as it was the most wanted on a poll on the NoOC discord. Package includes: Full Morph (Set Scale to 0.863...
  18. PUTZ

    Clothing FREE DL | Cyber Vest XX9 (10+ HD Styles) "Are you ready to F&$% the Future?" 2021-01-14

    [Addon package is too large (800mb) for VAM Hub upload, please grab it Free using the Link below] Cyber Vest XX9 - 10HD Styles FREE . Put file here [ VAM/AddonPackages ] by "The streets of the future are splashed in colors of lit neon tubes. So toss this sexy top on and hit...
  19. C

    Paid Looks Mary Silver 1

  20. vecterror

    Paid Looks the most wonderfull woman 2.0

    I wish you a nice weekend - have fun and enjoy my rework of this strong and wonderfull woman ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
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