1. wunderwise

    Paid Looks Sashimi 1

    She's a fighting diva on both land and sea! Thanks to: Poses = AshAuryn, Luminestrial Plug-in = MacGruber, Blazedust, Jackaroo Items = Hunting-Succubus (Enhanced_Eyes) What's in the box: Sashimi Model Ship Cosplay Outfit
  2. vecterror

    Paid Looks Chicks in Space /Part03 1.0

    Here she is the next and ?last? Space Chicken of a series of legendary ST charackters. I wish you a nice Time with the Counselor herself. (Updated Version - I found a better Face texture with more details - so here is the new and a bit more realistic Version) Bodytextures based on RENVR...
  3. vecterror

    Paid Looks The Princess of the Seven Kingdoms 2.0

    One of the strangest and youngest faces I've ever had the pleasure to build - and before you judge, look at this "girl" ingame - her face changes its shape and perception from almost every other viewing angle ... I think I love her ;). Her very sweet private Look is now included ...
  4. paledriver

    Paid Looks Kerry Eurodyne v1

    Rockerboy. Star. Charismatic guitarist and vocalist. A legend. Brows by Ben-g Copper Includes all clothing, vam hair, skin textures, morphs Credits: AutomaticBodySmoother By: Hunting-Succubus PostMagic By: MacGruber
  5. paledriver

    Paid Looks Fire Keeper v1

    Welcome to the bonfire, Unkindled One. I am a Fire Keeper. I tend to the flame, and tend to thee. The Lords have left their thrones, and must be deliver'd to them. To this end, I am at thy side. Includes all clothing, cua hair(physics), skin textures, morphs The mask has both cua and costume...
  6. Noc_This

    Looks Maid Maya 1

    Maid Maya Hi guys, this time with the last look I put together, if you're interested in clothes, or want to help me, you can go there.😉 If you like the work, please rate me. More images of her on PIXIV, go there if you want to see more...
  7. paledriver

    Paid Looks Arthur Morgan v1

    We can’t change what’s done. We can only move on. Includes all clothing, vam hair, skin textures, morphs Credits: VamCuaSuperglue By: Pineapler AutomaticBodySmoother By: Hunting-Succubus PostMagic By: MacGruber
  8. Twerk vr

    Paid Scenes 👩‍🎓📚It's back-to-school time 📚👩‍🎓👨‍🏫 0.9

    Sorry hollidays are ending, it's time to go back to school. That doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun! Go in the university and fin all the 3 stories that are waiting for you. You can find thoses girls in the university inside my "Game" SEX OPEN WORLDS . Look at the map under this text...
  9. PUTZ

    Clothing FREE DL | BRA to the FUTURE "When this baby hits 88mph..." 1

    Bra to the Future by "If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious s***. The fit is a bit off, but the Textures and the Lace are all Substance Painter HD awesome. Enjoy! DL Here on VAM HUB or... put it in...
  10. vecterror

    Paid Looks THE GIRLS / Part 02 1.0

    the number 2 of the girls finally arrived - unfortunately she had to borrow expensive alternative costume - but hey maybe something suitable will be found in the near future. Have a nice week! Bodytextures based on RENVR Textures! Clothes, Hair and Assets (recommendation) ...
  11. paledriver

    Paid Looks Melina (dark ver) v1

    Lord of Frenzied Flame... I will seek you, as far as you may travel... To deliver you what is yours. Destined Death. Includes all clothing, hair, dark ver skin and eyes textures, morphs, weapon Credits: Pineapler.VamCuaSuperglue.1 By: Pineapler...
  12. paledriver

    Paid Looks Paladin Danse v1

    Includes all clothing, vam hair, skin textures, morphs
  13. vecterror

    Paid Looks THE GIRLS / Part 01 1.0

    This month will be the big meet and greet of the girls (nearly all of the female Chars from the TV Show where requested on the discord server) - so let's start with the most requested character of the TV show Kimiko. Clothes, Hair and Assets (recommendation) : ddaamm.hair_long12 Roac.Selene...
  14. paledriver

    Paid Looks Star Guardian Orianna v1

    Includes all clothing, asset hair, skin textures, morphs, weapon Photo pose by klphgz Credits: paledriver.Eyes_reflection_and_shadow.latest By: paledriver Link: Pineapler.VamCuaSuperglue.1 By...
  15. jyy

    Scenes Study Group 2

    *For low frame rates, press the Light Off button or change the Pixel Light Count to 0 in the options *Dependencies(not on hub) jyy.jyy_Morphs.latest YameteOuji.Blouse_MakoTop.latest YameteOuji.Shoes_LoaferA10.latest YameteOuji.Skirt_Lo01Pl-Lo02Pl.latest YameteOuji.Under_ThighHighB10.latest...
  16. AnythingFashionVR

    Clothing Free Jedi head piece V2 2

    Free v2 Update to the jedi head piece. The full cosplay costume can be found here THE FULL COSTUME
  17. VirtaArtieMitchel

    Clothing To Be Cosplay Set 2022-08-09

    To be a sexy robot or not to be a sexy robot. That is the question. A cosplay set based loosely on a sexy robot from the neir future. Includes 4 clothing items. Does not include the look or hair.
  18. paledriver

    Paid Looks Jacob v1

    Jacob from The Quarry Includes all clothing, hair style, skin textures, morphs Brows by Ben-g Copper
  19. vecterror

    Paid Looks AHSOKA 1.0

    Here it is at last - one of the most iconic figures from a galaxy far, far away. At least one of them ;). Thanks to AnythingFashionVR for the great implementation of the costume, which included this Duo Look. Have Fun!
  20. Noc_This

    Looks Marie Kitagawa 2

    Marie Kitagawa Cosplay Hi guys, I'm sharing my favorite look today, it was my first media post here, the bikini and accessories I created are all available on my patreo, check it out if you're interested. XD
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