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A modern tiny bathroom


How to use
  • Download and open one of the default scene
  • Create a new scene.
    • Add a Custom Unity Asset and load the assetbundle from the package, select bathroom_tiny_enviro.prefab
    • Add the script hzm_bathroom_tiny.cs on the Custom Unity Asset. It will allow you to customize several aspects of the bathroom. (Door type, led control).
    • Add another Custom Unity Asset and load the assetbundle from the package, select bathroom_tiny_enviro_gi_a.prefab or bathroom_tiny_enviro_gi_b.prefab ( A is a light GI, B is a dark GI )


Both scenes are a basic setup with a mirror and the GI properly configured. If you have a low end PC, you can remove the mirror or lower the settings. You will still have a "fake" mirror using the GI.

You can find advanced demos of the environment in HZM Demos.

Reflections and global illumination

Two GIs / reflection probes are baked for different lighting setups, feel free to test them and light the room depending on your needs.

You can use the excellent SkyMagicLoader from @MacGruber's essentials to get a really nice global illumination. Demos are showing an implementation of this.


Some 3D models are from Sketchfab under CC BY 4.0.
Original bathroom converted, adapted and optimized from royaltie free licence
content from CGTrader by jackjohnson.
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