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Action List Manager for Voxta

Plugins Action List Manager for Voxta 2.0.1

I've just finished my Action List Manager plugin and I'd like to share it with you. You can link actions into a tree of choices to build a consistent story. It supports triggers and multi-context - location/clothes/custom injecting into Voxta.

  • Add the plugin to the Person atom along with Voxta.
  • Define a tree like the one in the picture below linking actions together.
  • Add custom contexts for those actions. The general rule is that when a field is empty it does not substitute the value that already exists. It applies both to context and linked actions.
  • Context will be constructed like so: "{{char}} is feeling shy. {{char}} is in {{user}} living room. {{char}} is wearing pink blouse and jeans"
  • In Voxta plugin "On Action Trigger" call TriggerActionChange on my plugin.
  • In Voxta plugin "On State Change" call TriggerStateChange on my plugin
It's best to start from the Voxta Beta scene in order to understand what's happening but in general you no longer need Timeline as an inferred action router as this plugin is doing it for you. You can still use Timeline of course but its animations can be now called by trigger in my plugin.

The flow is like so:

LLM inferres action -> Voxta -> On Action Trigger -> ActionListManager -> executes triggers and changes ActionsList and Context in Voxta

If you defer the action until the character stops speaking (checkbox in the action definition), then ActionListManager memorizes the action and calls it on getting the idle state update from Voxta.

As I don't have the possibility to do mocaps, timeline animations for new scenes are not possible for me so I do (Pose + Synergy) pattern for idle movements. It works really good alongside Voxta. I'll share a new version of this plugin soon with a demo scene for an ease of use. I'm waiting for the permission from the Synergy creator to make changes in his plugin to allow loading config on a trigger.

A word of warning:

This plugin is made specifically for Voxta, which is currently a paid experience. If you want to make use of it, you need to be a patron of this initiative, which I highly encourage you to do.

If you have a hard time understanding either my plugin or Voxta just drop me a message on Discord. We can talk or even do a screen share.

If you like what I'm doing consider subscribing to my Patreon.

Character for testing action inference:


The LLM model I recommend:

More tutorials:

Layers Tutorial

Transition Actions Tutorial

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Latest updates

  1. Release 2.0.1

    Changelist: Huge UI overhaul for action routing. There's a whole new section attached to the UI...
  2. Action routing UI huge overhaul

    HI guys, Just to let you know what Alita and me have been up to ... there's a huge UI overhaul...
  3. Release 1.6.0

    This is just a small incremental update that brings a functionality that has been requested and...

Latest reviews

Probably one of the coolest game changers for creating an interactive experience. Support this dude!!! I've been playing around with it for a while now, and each time, new possibilities expose themselves. Awesome work VAAN20!!!
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I was waiting for this tutorial video since I couldn't get the plugin to work in my custom scene. Still not sure if it's going to work, but I have to rate it for the usability. Thanks.
There's a demo scene now. The idea is to start from that and progress with your own stuff
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I had been tinkering with custom actions myself, but this is much cleaner than my mess. Thank you good sir, well done. 👏👏
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Excellent! This not just simplifies scene building with Voxta, it also adds nice opportunities for story telling with an AI.
Easy to use, slim and straight forward!
thanks man, it's really nice to hear that somebody is using stuff I've written
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