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This is a nearly 100% remake of the other Zuul asset. Why, you may ask?

Well, for starters...I created the WHOLE 22nd floor. And not just eyeballing stuff and guessing like I did for the first asset, but this is all more or less EXACTLY to scale. I found the blueprints for the original set, and loaded them up into my CAD software and, well...just went totally nuts.

So, the whole of Dana's apartment is there - bedroom, kitchen, living room, balcony.

I also added the entire hallway leading up to the apartment, complete with re-creations of the wallpapers, elevator doors, and light fixtures.

"What about the stairs?", you may ask. Yep, those are there as well. Both the regular staircase, as well as the "hidden" one behind the fridge.

Similarly, many of the furniture pieces were created from scratch - this includes the bed, night stands, coffee and end table in the living room, the couch, and the "armchair". The doors, door trim, floor casings, and crown molding are all designed to look more or less like what's in the film.

Of course, I could have just stopped there and been happy. But I wasn't.

The chair is a standalone asset that can be animated.
The fridge is a standalone asset that can be moved/removed to show the hidden staircase.
There are two separate skyboxes - neither are baked in so you can use whatever you want if you don't like them.

ALSO, I created a custom "BuildingControl" plugin that, honestly, is just completely overboard. It's a rework of the door control script from @hazmhox, only I made it so it'll work with any root asset.

Once the plugin is loaded, it will go through the scene, and identify all of the *working doors* that exist in the asset, and add individual slider controls to the Plugin UI for them. Add it to the fridge...and you can open/close the fridge door too.

It will *also* go through the asset and add VAM InvisibleLights to *every* light fixture, then add control sliders to the UI for those.

Last, but not least, the plugin will go through all the textures in the asset and do something *similar* to UnityAssetVamifier, only with a LOT more fine-grained control based on the textures in the asset. This is honestly about the only thing I'm not 100% happy with, but it's still pretty danged good, and a lot better than without (IMHO). I'll probably tweak this more in the future.

So once again, to recap, here's a list of all the features:

100% to scale.
Tons of custom furniture and assets designed from scratch.
Scriptable doors and lights.
Automatic texture replacement, no need to UnityAssetVamify.
Colliders on *most* flat/usable surfaces. :p
Two separate skyboxes - not attached to the main asset.
Two versions of the building asset - one with the fridge and chair static, and one with them removed so they can be added as separate CUAs.
Both the chair and fridge are included as separate assets.

Add a CUA to the scene. Select this assetbundle. Pick a building option.
Add the "buildingmanager" plugin to the CUA.
If you're using a lower-end PC, you may now notice a massive drop in FPS. Don't panic. Open the plugin UI, and uncheck "enable all lights". Now, you can select the lights specific to the room in which you wish to do "stuff".

If you picked the "non-static" version of the building, add the chair and fridge as separate CUA's (if desired).
Add the buildingmanager plugin to the CUA if you want to animate the fridge door or replace textures.

Add another CUA to the scene, select this assetbundle, pick a skybox. No script needed for this one.


In future updates, I plan on creating the ENTIRE exterior of the building, including the temple at the top. :p

@Spacedog for the dusk skybox tip.
@Mofme for the OG script which I *heavily* modified.
@NoStage3 for UnityAssetVamifier, which I hacked apart for the texture stuff.
@everlaster for the tip on adding atoms via plugin. ;)
@ReignMocap for hopefully making a mocap with this! :p
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This is mind blowing and looks amazing! I really appreciate the work and detail that went into building this. Performance has already been mentioned below. Still giving it a 5/5
Holy fucking shit. this piece of art is HUGE. Damn this must have taken a shitload of time to create this. biggest thanks for sharing this man! great work!
Very ambitous mate , i love your plugin . the only issue is that all them lights had my PC crawling to its knees .it would be best just to have them
deactivated in the script , so the user can can activate what light is needed
in the location . may be put a WARNING for low end PCs on your Overview
other than That ,Great job .
Usage instructions have been updated to point out that the lights may make some PC's cry, and how to disable them with the plugin. :P
I admire and respect the dedication to making this. Really cool. Kudos!
This looks like it took a lot of effort.

Very excellent. Thanks for upload.
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