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VamUpdater is a command-line utility I created to solve an annoyance...which is that the "default" for the VAM Package Builder is to use the specific version of a script as it was when the scene was packaged, versus requiring the latest version.

While I somewhat understand the logic of doing this (We don't want an updated script to break changes), the reality of the situation is that *most* plugins are more or less backwards compatible with old versions. And, if they aren't - then this is something the developer should be addressing, not scene designers. (Creators, please take note :p)

With this thought process in mind, I created an application that will scan your /saves/scene and /addonpackages directories, find *every* scene JSON file it can, and then look through each one, searching for a pre-defined list of plugins that I've found seem to be safe to update to the "latest" version.

Any references found in json files to a specific version of an addon will be replaced to require "latest" instead.

Once all files are scanned, old/redundant VAR files are also moved to a backup directory.

Command-line based: Attach it to a bat file or task scheduler and run automagically. Or...called from within VAM?

SAFE: Any and all modified files are backed up before editing, so if you find something is broken, you can easily restore your file(s).

Improve VAM performance: By moving old/redundant VAR files out of the AddonPackages directory, overall VAM load times are improved.

User-Configurable: Edit the included plugins.txt file to add/remove additional addon packages.

Multiple Options: Specify "var only" scans, "scene only", or "cleanup old extensions".

Incidental: Purely to solve stuff breaking while I was testing this, I added an incidental check that fixes broken references to Wolverine333's "Maria" look.


Install the .net desktop runtime:

EXIT VAM IF IT IS OPEN: You will likely encounter errors/issues otherwise.

Extract the archive and run "VamUpdater.exe".

You will be prompted for the path to your VAM directory. (Ex: C:\VAM\)

The first run will take between 5-10 minutes, depending on how many var and scene files you have. Subsequent runs will be *much* faster.

Optionally, create a bat file to execute VamUpdater.exe. For a regular update, the command might look like "VamUpdater.exe C:\VAM\ -V" This will tell it to re-scan the AddonPackages directory for any new VAR files, then move any outdated packages afterupdating.

Once scanning has completed, a report will open showing all modified/moved files.


The format here is just CREATORNAME.PACKAGENAME.

All entries should be LOWERCASE. So, "hazmhox.vammoan", not "HazmHox.VamMoan".

All entries should not have any version number or anything else at the end.

One entry per line. No spaces, etc.


Any files that are modified are first copied to VAMDIR\Backups\. If something breaks or you want something put back, just copy from here back to their respective folder(s).
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Latest updates

  1. Catch errors parsing version number.

    Add try/catch around a bit where I parse plugin numbers...just in case.
  2. Fix possible crash with malformed archives, expand plugins.txt

    Fix potential crash when trying to expand files from an archive that is corrupt. Add more...
  3. Add recursive VAR scanning, option to ignore meta files with no deps

    As requested: Ensure addonPackages directory is scanned recursively. Add an -I (I like eye...

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Sounds great especially if you have around 4000 vars. Will try in the future
If you are serious about VaM (and a serial downloader like me) you MUST HAVE this utility
Thank you for making it <3
Another must have in the war against bad var packagers. I salute you!
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