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Hello again!

Today, I'm pleased to bring you SceneNinja, a brand-new Plugin inspired heavily by the incredible UIAssist plugin from @JayJayWon.

What does it do?

"Default" Scene opened with the Kerry Appearance and VAMM/SilverExpressions auto-loaded

Simple. It allows you to load appearance and plugin presets on *every* person atom in a scene, as soon as that scene is loaded, with *no* user intervention required.

With SceneNinja, you'll no longer have to customize *every* scene *every* time you load it. You can specify a desired preset for the "primary" male and female atom in each scene, and another preset for "every other" male/female atom.

If all the male/female atoms in a scene are numbered (guy1, guy2, guy3) etc, then the lowest-numbered atom will be selected as primary. If they are not all numbered, then the atom closest to the player will be selected.

But wait...there's more.


@JayJayWon was kind enough to let me hack his code apart and borrow some methods, so you can suppress clothing and scale loads on appearance presets! Meaning, all scale adjustments will be reset to match the existing player, and all clothing in the scene will be kept. Or turn it off if you want. :p

AND, for Plugin presets, there is a "magic" merge load option which will let you keep the ordering of all existing plugins, but inject your custom settings into them. Meaning, you can always select the same voice/pitch in VAMMoan, or specific animations in SilverExpressionTool, and existing plugins on a target atom will be kept where they are...thus avoiding broken references for "other" plugins, like Timeline. It's like "merge load" in the Plugin Preset manager...only it actually works like you'd expect it to.

And, of course, your settings are auto-saved to a profile, so you don't have to worry about updating things if you change settings and close the game. Everything is immediately persistent.

As this is my very first plugin, there are likely to be bugs that will happen, but I've done some pretty thorough testing to make sure it works as desired. But, if you get any issues, please let me know and I'll address them as soon as I can.

Massive thanks to @JayJayWon for giving me permission to dissect his code and borrow a few things to make this work how I want, as well as for creating UIAssist, which is just one of his many sweet plugins. I definitely recommend checking out his Patreon and subscribing if you want to help support a great developer.

1. Add the "SceneNinja.cslist" file from the AddonPackage to your session plugins.
2. For each atom type (primary male, primary female, secondary male(s), secondary female(s)), select a desired appearance preset or plugin preset. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you.
3. Set options for each atom type. I prefer leaving them just how they are...but again...I'm not your boss. Maybe you like atoms wearing two sets of clothing, or maybe your appearance preset contains no clothing. Whatever's clever.
4. If you want SceneNinja to load every time you start VAM, go to the "Session Plugin Presets" tab in the file menu and select "Change User Defaults". There, you can save the current session plugins for re-use.
5. Profit. Selected appearances and plugins will be loaded on each scene load.

Of course, as this is my very first plugin, you
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Latest updates

  1. Add "Merge Clothing" option.

    As requested/suggested by @Goose.k - I've added a "Merge Clothing" option for appearance...
  2. Fix plugin load errors/breakage

    Fix plugin load errors/breakage
  3. More fixes and improvements...

    Fix issues where the scene would sometimes get frozen on load. Improve preset/plugin loading...

Latest reviews

This makes things so much easier. Worth it.
Great plugin! Could you please add a "Merge Clothing Load" function?
Already added in the most recent release. ;)
must have
So far this plugin is fantastic. Thank you for writing and sharing this. I'll be throwing this against complex scenes over the next week, but so far the stuff I've tested it on worked perfectly.
Hi, I'm hoping to use this. I wanted to understand the context tho (as I'm a new user).
Are you implying that presets or scene plugins are not saved when I save a new scene?
They are saved when you yourself save a new scene.

But, for example - say you just downloaded some new scene from the hub. SceneNinja can automatically load your appearance preset(s) of choice for all of the characters in the scene, and then apply specific settings form Vammoan or SilverExpression tool - without breaking the existing plugin order - which plugins like Timeline use to trigger things. If Vammoan or SilverExpression aren't already loaded on the person atom, then they'll be added.

So, it's like a non-destructive merge load for appearances and plugin settings to augment scenes you've downloaded from elsewhere.
Fantastic plugin
Does what it says. Very useful.
congrats for the amazing job. this is making v.a.m evolve to a master level. Doing the tests I realized that scenes only with girls the plugin gets confused.
Thanks! And, this is just the start. I'm quickly learning the ins and outs of VAM development, but still new at it. Once I get better acclimated, I'm gonna blow the roof off this mother. 😁
Great Idea! (also good job snarfing code from the Maestro ... ;))

I've done smth similar in a tedious DIY way, but "mergeloading" plugin-presets is a pain in the ass.

Looking forward to your future works ... and the first bugfix (cf. Discussionpage)
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