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Other [Utility] VAMUpdater - Always Use the Latest Addons! 7

Add option to update plugins.txt before scan. This will create a new "plugins_custom.txt" file, which will be appended to the included plugins.txt file. Plugins_custom.txt will not be overwritten on application updates.

Add "Select all" and "copy" buttons to the status page, because that's kind of useful.

Ensure any jpg files for a var package are moved as well.
What's new? A LOT.

For starters, I've added a GUI. The GUI has all of the same settings/options as the command-line, but has the added benefit of storing your settings for future use.


You can now specify which elements you want to scan for and move/update, versus a sort of mish-mashed sequence of flags that did weird stuff if input improperly.

For debugging, I threw in a "Verbose Output" flag, which is REALLY verbose. The point of this is to figure out what is breaking things in the case of invalid file names or files or whatever. Only use this if I ask you for it.

There's also a new "Skip Report" flag, which disables the opening of the report.txt file in notepad after a scan. The report will still be generated, you can just choose to not have this pop up.

Want to back up your stuff somewhere else? You can now specify a custom location for that too.

Additionally, I've added a nice little status window to the GUI, so you can see the same output as you'd see in the console.


And, last, but not least - the command-line flags have been changed! Things were starting to get a bit confusing, and so I adjusted what the flags do (V now controls verbose, versus scanning for Vars, -A now controls scanning Vars/Addons, versus scanning All, etc. See below for new/updated usage.

Usage: VamUpdater.exe [VamPath] [-A] [-S] [-P] [-F] [-D] [-I] [-V] [-R] [-B=C:\Path\to\backups]

VamPath Full path to VAM directory.
-B=C:\Path\to\backups/-b=C:\Path\to\backups Specify path to backup directory.
-A/-a Scan AddonPackages files.
-S/-s Only scan scenes from /saves/scene.
-P/-p Only scan for redundant addons.
-F/-f Scan ALL scenes/addons/both, including previously scanned files.
-D/-d Update the date for modified scene/var files. If not specified, the dates will not be changed.
-I/-i Ignore meta dependencies. Will scan ALL var files, even if the meta indicates no dependencies.
-V/-v Verbose output. VERY verbose. Only use if directed for debugging purposes.
-R/-r Don't open the scan report in notepad when done scanning.
-H/-h Show this screen.

Unless the -F flag is specified, default behavior is to ignore
files that have already been backed/up modified.

Add try/catch around a bit where I parse plugin numbers...just in case.
Fix potential crash when trying to expand files from an archive that is corrupt.
Add more entries to plugins.txt.
Fix a few entries with plugins.txt.

It's recommended to use the update_all.bat file, or the -A command-line flag to apply the additional/fixed plugin additions.
As requested:

Ensure addonPackages directory is scanned recursively.
Add an -I (I like eye, not L) flag to Ignore metadata files with no listed dependencies.

Index out of bounds error if a VAR file is improperly named.
Add a "-D" flag to specify updating file modified date, otherwise, it will be re-set after updating archives/scenes.
Create several .bat files so if people happen to have .net runtime errors, it will show them, versus just open and close the window.

Backups of var files are now done on a per-json basis. Meaning, if you need to restore a VAR file, you'll need to open the file as a zip, then copy the contents from the backup directory back into the zip, replacing the changed files. In the future, I'll probably make a function of the app to handle this.
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