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Other [Utility] VAMUpdater - Always Use the Latest Addons! 5

Add try/catch around a bit where I parse plugin numbers...just in case.
Fix potential crash when trying to expand files from an archive that is corrupt.
Add more entries to plugins.txt.
Fix a few entries with plugins.txt.

It's recommended to use the update_all.bat file, or the -A command-line flag to apply the additional/fixed plugin additions.
As requested:

Ensure addonPackages directory is scanned recursively.
Add an -I (I like eye, not L) flag to Ignore metadata files with no listed dependencies.

Index out of bounds error if a VAR file is improperly named.
Add a "-D" flag to specify updating file modified date, otherwise, it will be re-set after updating archives/scenes.
Create several .bat files so if people happen to have .net runtime errors, it will show them, versus just open and close the window.

Backups of var files are now done on a per-json basis. Meaning, if you need to restore a VAR file, you'll need to open the file as a zip, then copy the contents from the backup directory back into the zip, replacing the changed files. In the future, I'll probably make a function of the app to handle this.
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