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200+ Pubic Hair Pack for Male, Futa and Female models

Hairstyles 200+ Pubic Hair Pack for Male, Futa and Female models 1

All my work is FREE, FOREVER! If you'd like to support my free content please consider joining my Patreon.

Even just subbing for a month or two and cancelling is most appreciated.

Multiple pubic hairs for male/futa and female models are included. These can be found in the Hair tab as usual.

162 x Male Pubic Hairs
46 x Female Pubic Hairs
4 x AltFuta Pubic Hairs

Hair Presets
Multiple hair presets for male/futa and female models are included. These can be found in Hair Presets > ICannotDie > Pubic > Male or Female

There are many more male presets as male pubic hair tend to benefit more from combining 2 or more hairs, at least in my experience.

51 x Male Pubic Hair Presets
5 x Female Pubic Hair Presets

Please note that these are hairs I've created over the last few years, since the early days of VAM. As such, some are lower quality than others, especially the earlier ones, but I didn't want to go though all of them and pick and choose which I thought were good or not. I thought I better just to include everything and let people decide what they may or may not want to use. For the same reason the naming and thumbnail images are not really consistent, but hopefully they're good enough...

@kemenate for the original pubic scalps.

Some examples...




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Latest reviews

A great and needed collection!
Thank you very much <3
No problem, glad you like it!
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this is a fantastic collection of pubic hairs! --some of the weird things we say here on Vamhub XD
I know, right? I was writing the text for the resource wondering if "200 Pubic Hairs" would sound weird...
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Incredible work! Holy moly
Thanks! Hope you find them useful.
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Great work! Might we expect a pack with more natural female presets? The kind with full coverage (Pubis, Labia Majora etc.) without trimming? Need some for more natural looks.
Sure, I can look at adding some in an update in future. These are just ones I created for myself. You could check out Scamp's pubic hairs if you want more natural ones.
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