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Next up as i work through getting this stuff Hub ready is actually the newest of the bunch (i'm kinda working backwards and some of the older ones are still VAC). We have the younger of a pair of actress sisters. This one is a bit of a collaboration of sorts, as the original model and texture were created by Qbase and he allowed me to take it further in terms of the look itself while i left the texture he made pretty much intact.

Some credits where credit is due

-The texture for the face was made by Qbase and used in conjunction with VRen's Aimi skin.
-The original model created by Qbase was built upon using morphs from Tenstrip, Reloaded, Dilldoe, Kemenate's detail morph pack, Suparioamatuer's breast morph pack and Tisebs feet morphs.
-Chokaphi's nice decal maker was again used (love that thing) which utilizes Alter3go's gemma makeup, kemenate's face decals and a nifty rib normal from Vren that you can adjust the slider on to show some rib exposure. Preset for this is included.
-Eyelashes from Wolmarc
-Hair is a blend of Miki's Sakura and Kunoichi hair.
-Look will load in VamXFans photo studio environment - its really become my default for looks.
-Hunting Succubus' Enhanced eyes used as usual - should be a staple for most at this point.
-*Recommendation* while not included, i recommend using the female body tessallation plugin from Hunting Succubus for some smoother models.

One thing to note - i had a tough time deciding which hair to use for her, and while i settled on the Miki hair's , i included presets for 3 other hairstyles. This is why you will see hair dependencies aside from the Miki ones. LO's ponytail, Nostage3's Long wavy 9 will get you the other hairstyles i made presets for.

Screenshots you see taken with only Macgruber's super shot plugin active

*The clothing in the first two images (not included) are:

*The clothing and environment in the third image are copyrighted material so they as well aren't included.

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