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female look

  1. soupface27

    Looks Geraldina G. Ankara 2021-01-17

    An attempt to fill a request for someone, but this lovely lady should be available to anyone that would like it. Skin used is Vren's Keya which was repacked in a Var by Everlaster. I whipped up some Limb/Gen/Torso normal maps as the texture pack only contains the face normal. The default Var...
  2. Mr. Orange

    Paid Looks Curvy African Jada 1

    Curvy african beauty Jada look. The second place winner (Black/Latin girl) from a poll I did on my patreon. Hair credit: VaMChan and Sharr
  3. Mr. Orange

    Looks Annie 1

    Blonde beauty Annie. Different actresses were inspiration. Look and appearance packed as var file. Enjoy, check out my other content. Hair by Polyfire.
  4. ICannotDie

    Looks Riley & Robyn 1

    Matching Futa & Female looks with custom sculpted morphs. Includes: Morphs Head, Body, Breast & Nipple morphs for both Futa & Female 2 x Male genital morphs: 12 Inch & 9 Inch 1 x Female genital morph All morphs should be usable individually if required Presets Appearance Presets for both...
  5. Mr. Orange

    Paid Looks Punk look Anya 1

    I wanted to do a punk look for a long time and finally made one last month. Punk Look Anya. Separate morphs for head and body and custom tattoo textures packed as var file. Screens use my reshade settings.
  6. soupface27

    Looks Kristin Sways 2021-01-01

    With some of my free time now back i was able to knock out another favorite of mine on my 'to-do' list. -Uses the in game Mia skin by Vren. -Hair is Roac's Modular Hairs combined with one of the hairs from his Hair Pack 2.1. *a note on the hair* originally i had even more of the modular parts to...
  7. A

    Looks Ágatha (Futa/Female) 2.1

    Preview - Check the tab update for V2.1 (only futa)! - I think the character is finally in a suitable version. I recommend that you delete the previous versions of them, mainly v2.2 and use this one, v2.1. It took a lot of work until I understood how this whole game system works. I hope you...
  8. Mr. Orange

    Looks Christa 1

    Now public, I was inspired by a former adult performer while creating this look. The look uses hair made by Prestigitis. Enjoy!
  9. trety

    Looks Cloned Lambs 2020-12-05

    Two versions of game character with and without freckles. Based on daz model published on deviant, after i got a green light from the author. Did some minor morphs tweaks, for personal taste; remade freckles textures. Two outfits included, but they're a-single-piece sets and not simmed...
  10. C

    Looks Lillian Clyde 1

    Lillian Clyde Commission done for @SpiltSugar Also check out the VaMMoan plugin by @hazmhox which features Lillian's voice! Custom skin, makeup and look made by me.
  11. C

    Looks Natalie 1

    This is Natalie, she's bored. Maybe you can entertain her?
  12. soupface27

    Looks Sammy Richelieu 2020-11-22

    With my lengthier periods of free time drawing to a close i wanted to get at least one more of these out there for now. This is a Filipina actress and fashion designer, and a rather lovely woman. Name was changed after i already made the Var so there will be a difference between that and the...
  13. soupface27

    Looks Alissa Fo'Real 2020-11-22

    Actress , and unknown to me until recently, apparently a singer of the Canadian persuasion. Uses the Kayla skin from Vren Hair is a mash up of 2 Roac hairs - Daisy and Bangs from his Modular Hairs Lashes by Wolmarc Makeup by Alter3go Pubic Hair by Scamp Enhanced Eyes and Eye Blender by Hunting...
  14. soupface27

    Looks Abella Hernando 2020-11-17

    The fourth and probably last look for now (until i finally finish the new one ive been putting off finishing) is a social media personality and fitness model/influencer. She also seems to really enjoy taking pictures of her own behind. -Skin is the in game Kayla skin from Vren -Model includes...
  15. soupface27

    Looks Tesla Foul 2020-11-15

    U.S. pinup model with big community assets. Works pretty well with or without her glasses - depends on your preference. -Uses the in game Candy skin -Model made using morphs including - Kemenate's Unisex Morphs, SupaRioamateur's Breast Morphs, Tenstrip Morphs(An3k), Reloaded Lite (Spacedog)...
  16. soupface27

    Looks Zoie Deschutes 2020-11-14

    Next up as i work through getting this stuff Hub ready is actually the newest of the bunch (i'm kinda working backwards and some of the older ones are still VAC). We have the younger of a pair of actress sisters. This one is a bit of a collaboration of sorts, as the original model and texture...
  17. Mr. Orange

    Paid Looks Hannah Look 2

    A model I tweaked for a while, now finally finished. I took inspiration from different actresses. Included in VAR file are a look and appearance preset. One Morph for Body and one for Head. You can get Hannah and over a years woth of content by supporting my stuff on Patreon. (Pics use my...
  18. soupface27

    Looks Ivana Bathtub 2020-11-13

    I have a handful of models i have made over the course of the last few months that i have finally gotten around to start putting into Var's to share here. This first one is a relatively well known commercial and TV personality that has a rather strong affinity for cel phones. I know there is at...
  19. C

    Looks Keiko 2

    My take on a classic Japanese look. Packages contains a demo scene, character morphs, and Appearance preset.
  20. C

    Looks Tara 2

    Here's Tara. Enjoy. All you really need is the hair which is a combo of Lightning Hairstyle by VaMChan and Short Pixie by NoStage3 and I also use Enhanced Eyes by Hunting Succubus on everything I do :) NOTE: This is an Appearance Preset and related custom morphs only. You have to use the...
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