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  1. Zombie_Siris

    Paid Early-Access Looks Charbotte 1

    This look will be a Top Patrons Timed-Exclusive, Zombie Horde Patrons on Dec 18th. This look will go Public/Free on January 1st 2021. Credits: Dress - Meshed Vanilla Hair - Curly Bob by JayC Re-animator Link: .VAR Included (this was an asset released for free, then the source...
  2. soupface27

    Looks Zoie Deschutes 2020-11-14

    Next up as i work through getting this stuff Hub ready is actually the newest of the bunch (i'm kinda working backwards and some of the older ones are still VAC). We have the younger of a pair of actress sisters. This one is a bit of a collaboration of sorts, as the original model and texture...
  3. C

    Looks Tara 2

    Here's Tara. Enjoy. All you really need is the hair which is a combo of Lightning Hairstyle by VaMChan and Short Pixie by NoStage3 and I also use Enhanced Eyes by Hunting Succubus on everything I do :) NOTE: This is an Appearance Preset and related custom morphs only. You have to use the...
  4. TheAstronomer

    Paid Looks Lexi 1

    Lexi is 18 years-old. Most definitively one of my favorite, I've been working on her for a very long time but I wasn't quite fully happy. Now I am! More preview shots on patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/42209645 Make sure to download her since she will be used in future patron only...
  5. Acid Bubbles

    Looks Ivy 1

    An old look I made. Depends on @Spacedog's Spacedog.Import_Reloaded_Lite.2.var
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