1. Eaglekun

    Looks Survivor Girl Millie 1.0

    My attempt at recreating one of the female player models from the survival game Rust. Im trying to get better at making skin textures so I tried adding as much little details as I could.
  2. MasterxxxOfnone

    Looks Tina v1.1

    Credits for assets used go to these spectacular creators: SupaRioAmateur - Eyes, Nails, Ring and Bracelet PhantasyStarfan - Necklace Cloudcover - Stockings WeedU - Heels YameteOuji - Bra Bamair1984 - Earings Taylhappi - Hair Denngar - Pubes Everlaster, RenVR - Skin Textures KAFAROS - Background
  3. lookinoff

    Looks Polina U 1.0

    Name: Polina U Age: 22 Height: 181 cm Weight: 54 kg Bust: D Hi! My name is Polina. I live in Samara, Russia. I work as a barista. In my free time, I watch TV shows, read and walk in the parks. I am fond of creating handmade decor. I love the sea. I believe in love at first sight!
  4. lookinoff

    Looks Karina M 1.05

    Name: Karina M Age: 24 Height: 179 cm Weight: 51 kg Bust: C Hi, my name is Karina. I was born in Tuapse, Russia. I always wanted to become a model. I work as a lingerie model. I live in Bali. A little crazy, I get in trouble all the time. I love superhero movies. I go surfing in my spare time...
  5. Tiseb

    Looks Li Na (morph head and body) 2

    Li Na is a young Chinese girl of 20 years old. She is studying near you. I am counting on you to help her integrate and learn the customs of your country. I have taken into account your remark for the Morphs Morph of head and body separate
  6. F

    Looks Viki 2021-04-03

    Viki is 19 and new in town ... clothing not included
  7. s p l i n e VR

    Paid Looks Caroline 1.0

    Clothing by Hunting succubus Eyeball shadow RenVR Eye reflection
  8. lookinoff

    Looks Rafia J 2021-01-09

  9. wolverine333

    Looks SHELBY 1.0

    Here's a new model I've been working on. I'll be uploading more looks in the days to come. Hope you like her. Cheers!
  10. soupface27

    Looks Zoie Deschutes 2020-11-14

    Next up as i work through getting this stuff Hub ready is actually the newest of the bunch (i'm kinda working backwards and some of the older ones are still VAC). We have the younger of a pair of actress sisters. This one is a bit of a collaboration of sorts, as the original model and texture...
  11. Captain Varghoss

    Looks Tara 2

    Here's Tara. Enjoy. All you really need is the hair which is a combo of Lightning Hairstyle by VaMChan and Short Pixie by NoStage3 and I also use Enhanced Eyes by Hunting Succubus on everything I do :) NOTE: This is an Appearance Preset and related custom morphs only. You have to use the...
  12. Syrinxo

    Looks Jaina 2

    She won the unofficial poll, so here's a new original look: Jaina. She's meant to be honestly imperfect. A little pullback from all the fantasy, bra busters, and supermodels. I hope you like her. In fact, I hope you love her. I hope you love her... without her makeup on (the makeup is a...
  13. oeshii

    Looks Faye look and hair 1

    Free look and hair, based on the builtin VAM textures Kayla.
  14. oeshii

    Paid Looks Meya Look 1

    The look contains, Custom hair the look was built around. Custom face and body diffuse textures Custom specular, gloss and normal map textures. Detailed torso normal map for the skinny type look (ribs showing etc.) A couple of custom body morphs for an unique shape and look. This look is...
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