VAM Evolutionary Character Creation

Other VAM Evolutionary Character Creation v1.2.0

This is a huge update:
  • almost everything can be done in the companion save!
  • Variate Population button added
  • Use this Appearance button added
  • Reset button added
  • fixed numerous bugs
The way this app works now has been changed immensely, with a lot of loading and saving between python and VAM, so if you have any troubles, let me know. If the app is working fine, let me know as well! :).
Recompiled the pyinstaller using Python 3.8.10 which should be compatible with windows 7. The earlier versions were compiled with Python 3.9 which gave " Missing api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1.0.dll" errors on windows 7 machines.

I'm working on some new cool features for the app but they will be added later, I wanted to get this fix out ASAP.

If you downloaded this app and had no problems running it, you can skip this update.
So, this is a new version of the app and the companion save. You need to download both!

Features added:
  • After selecting VAM directory, shows which files are being loaded in the console window (helps with finding the .vap files which give errors)
  • Added option for recursive directory search (requested by @Dragontales )
  • Changed save location for generated children, they can now be found in Custom\Atom\Person\appearances\VAM Evolutionary Character Creation\
  • Updated VAM Evolutionary Character Companion save to use this new directory
  • Created option for smaller rating window (height of the window fits 720p screen) (requested by @kjm00)
  • Made the standard rating window less wide (by making the button as wide as the rating numbers)
  • Allow loading of appearances from non-default directories
  • Updated the initial post and manual
Bugs fixed (thanks to @Cthugha @Maziora @blarpwibble @Sween )
  • Fixed bug where appearances with non-default locations of morph information would not load (and crash the app)
  • Fixed bug where .vap's with no morph values would not load (and crash the app).
  • Fixed bug where morphs without values would crash the app
  • Fixed bug that would try to read non-existent favourite appearances (and crash the app)
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