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Other VAM Evolutionary Character Creation v1.2.4

Fixed bugs:
- critical bug: forgot to add the new file error handler to another function call, which would make the app break. this is now fixed. (note to self: don't fix code in a hurry)
- rolling the mouse wheel after selecting a template would give errors, this is now fixed.
- escape didn't properly work when selecting a template, this is now fixed.
- fixed a KeyError for missing values in morphs by setting the missing values to a default of 0
For those of you who have some appearance files which generate errors due to some missing stuff, this latest version now shows the exact filename of the faulty appearance file. This makes it a lot easier to weed out appearance files which have some errors in them. If you are running this app without any errors, you don't need this update.
Hi, some users were reporting trojan virus warnings. I recompiled the python script using a different compiler. The virus warnings should now be gone. Please download this latest version.
It turns out that the new VirtaMate update to 1.21 broke the VAM Evolutionary Character Creation App. This is now fixed. It should also be backwards compatible with the older versions of VirtaMate, but to be sure, I'd update to the latest version of VirtaMate anyway.

I also changed the default "min morph count" from 0 to 150, to avoid generating monsters due to having a lot of single-morph appearances. This is also mentioned in the documentation, but in case users don't read them, the default has already been set to 150 (as I recommend).

What is fixed:
  • Fixed critical bug for users with VAM 1.21+
  • Set "min morph count" default to 150
This is a huge update:
  • almost everything can be done in the companion save!
  • Variate Population button added
  • Use this Appearance button added
  • Reset button added
  • fixed numerous bugs
The way this app works now has been changed immensely, with a lot of loading and saving between python and VAM, so if you have any troubles, let me know. If the app is working fine, let me know as well! :).
Recompiled the pyinstaller using Python 3.8.10 which should be compatible with windows 7. The earlier versions were compiled with Python 3.9 which gave " Missing api-ms-win-core-path-l1-1.0.dll" errors on windows 7 machines.

I'm working on some new cool features for the app but they will be added later, I wanted to get this fix out ASAP.

If you downloaded this app and had no problems running it, you can skip this update.
So, this is a new version of the app and the companion save. You need to download both!

Features added:
  • After selecting VAM directory, shows which files are being loaded in the console window (helps with finding the .vap files which give errors)
  • Added option for recursive directory search (requested by @Dragontales )
  • Changed save location for generated children, they can now be found in Custom\Atom\Person\appearances\VAM Evolutionary Character Creation\
  • Updated VAM Evolutionary Character Companion save to use this new directory
  • Created option for smaller rating window (height of the window fits 720p screen) (requested by @kjm00)
  • Made the standard rating window less wide (by making the button as wide as the rating numbers)
  • Allow loading of appearances from non-default directories
  • Updated the initial post and manual
Bugs fixed (thanks to @Cthugha @Maziora @blarpwibble @Sween )
  • Fixed bug where appearances with non-default locations of morph information would not load (and crash the app)
  • Fixed bug where .vap's with no morph values would not load (and crash the app).
  • Fixed bug where morphs without values would crash the app
  • Fixed bug that would try to read non-existent favourite appearances (and crash the app)
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