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Update 2: Standalone head morph included, see info under gif. Now you can use her head and default body with normal morphs without problems.

Update: New hair physics. Example:

Use Tifa head with default body for your own adjustments and liking. Make sure to zero the "Tifa v2" morph first.


Original post:

Took quite a few iterations to get the perfect model, based on the game model and not on any big-booba models. I'll leave it to each person to morph to what they want, as usual.

Scene included.

All dependencies can be downloaded with "Scan hub for missing packages" inside the package manager in VAM.

- ParentHoldLink
- Eye Shadow
- MacGruber's Essentials (Requirement for the hair to look right).

- CUAManager (to load appearance into other scenes properly)
- Tifa VAM Hair if you want real hair

Special thanks to Rukk for a few of the clothing pieces.



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Latest updates

  1. V11: Includes standalone Tifa head morph

    Some people requested the head morph for Tifa only, so now it's included in the var...
  2. Updated the hair

    Completely new hair physics, collision with her body included. See attached gif for demo
  3. Out of EA


Latest reviews

Awesome work, one of my favorite models.
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You just killed it. Awesome Tifa Model! Thanks
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Never enough Tifas ;) Very nice!
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I cant decide which is the best tifa of the many tifas out there but who cares. Tifa<3
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excellent eork
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this is so nice.

btw, is there a way to separate the head morphs and body ones; so that the slider only applies to head instead of full body

Not at this point, unfortunately. The morph is a full body morph, I would need to split them in Daz / ZBrush. I can't do it right now since I've got other models queued up but I can take a look at it later if you really need it.
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Hair physics is hard to handle,good job!
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wow!, i think this is definitely the closet look of Tifa so far, thank you so much!
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