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The Glory Shed

Paid Scenes The Glory Shed 2020-11-21

Hey everyone! Here's a scene I've been working on for a long time. Inspired by a video, umm, a friend told me about... yeah... Anyway you can watch a preview video here.

This is my first attempt at an interactive scene, and was born out of a desire to create a dynamic expression system driven by Timeline. I wanted to have the models react to what you're doing. So for example, deeper penetration will trigger certain expressions, touching her boobs will trigger others etc. This required creating dozens of hand-crafted timeline expressions and triggers, but I think it turned out pretty well!

As for the scene itself, your objective is simple, use the toys to arouse the girls. If you can make them both reach climax at the same time, you'll unlock a special bonus scene.

I tried to give the scene some replayability. So for example there are 3 difficulty levels (At higher difficulty levels, the girls are harder to please and you get a smaller window to trigger the bonus scene). Also, each girl has her own favourite toy which is randomly selected when you load the scene (Hint: It's not the watermelon 😂). And there are so many combinations of expressions and movements that it should hopefully not become repetitive.

For desktop users (Or if you're just lazy), you can activate the male atom and send him to take care of one of the girls while you work on the other. You can of course possess him too, although he's animated so I recommend just possessing his head (by pressing CAPSLOCK).


Fair warning, it's a complicated scene with over 150 atoms. I don't have VR so I'm not sure how well it performs. Therefore I've included two versions of the scene. The main version can have 3 active models (2 female, 1 male), and the second version will only have one girl active at any one time (Plus the male if you enable him). The second version doesn't have access to the bonus scene, but everything else works fine. Obviously version 1 is the intended experience, but the second version should be a lot less performance hungry for those of you who can't play the main one.

Again, I don't have VR to test the performance, so please keep that in mind. But I did design it to be fun in either Desktop or VR mode.

Preview Room.gif

Preview Orgasm.gif

Preview Doggy.gif

A massive thank you to everyone here, but honourable mention to Acidbubbles and JayJayWon for their amazing plugins.

AcidBubbles, AshAuryn, bvctr, Griffo11709, HuntingSuccubus, JayJayWon, LFE, MalMorality, Molmark, NoStage3, Scamp, SpaceDog, TenStrip, TGC, VeeRifter
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Amazing scene! btw Keep looking for her favorite toys by using each of them until her Arousal text turns GREEN then have fun!
Thank you for the review! I tried to give a lot of visual feedback via the UI when you accomplish certain things, so I'm really glad you noticed that!
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