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Supplementary colliders for male & futa

Plugins Supplementary colliders for male & futa

See Updates for clarification on strikethrough text.

Warning : this is very beta. The plugin adds 42 atoms to the scene, which are a pain to remove by hand if things go wrong. No longer adds extra atoms. Still experimental. Keep a copy of your scene before using.

This plugin adds several hidden capsule atoms new colliders to the legs, hip and breasts of male skin based characters so that cloth and hair collide more or less correctly. The added atoms colliders get automatically removed when the plugin is removed (but not when it is disabled).

How to use :
  • Add it to a Person atom
  • Wait for it to create the capsule atoms and load fully
  • Morph the character
  • Use the "Guess Fit" button, preferably on a neutral pose, for an initial approximation
  • Adjust individual colliders as needed
Where applicable you can adjust only one side and copy to the other side symmetrically.

Limitations :
  • Adds a large number of atoms to the scene. They are hidden but can clutter the selection list when "Show Hidden" is enabled. They all start with "uycol_*" so they should appear near the end of the list.
  • The result is not skin-perfect, it's only an approximation. The colliders do not deform as the character is animated, but they do follow the bones and handles. Extreme poses may have some peek-through.
  • Areas where there are built-in colliders aren't touched. For chest and arms you should use the Collider Editor plugin by Acid Bubbles to align the existing autocolliders correctly.
  • Although minimal, there is a performance hit.
  • The scene should not contain any atoms that happen to match the names of the atoms this plugin adds. To be safe, there shouldn't be any atoms starting with "uycol_". This is Extremely unlikely, just in case.
  • EDIT: for now, this plugin only works on a single Person. Multiple instances support planned soon.
Screenshot 2021-04-11 200215.png

Major thanks to @Acid Bubbles and @MacGruber for their code which helped me figure out basically everything.
PS: Please dont code shame me :p
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Latest reviews

You're a damn legend.
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BUT if i use the plugin in two man in a scene, there will be wrong
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This is so awesome! Thank you so much!
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great plugin!!
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One of the best plugins to hit the scene. It's on my list of default plugins!
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Even as a beta this is a really useful plugin. I'd love to see colliders for the gentials too if possible, plus maybe the ability to control which colliders get added as often I just want hips/thighs without the rest.
The genitals do have colliders builtin. Check with the Collider Editor plugin. I've found that the shaft colliders do well automatically, but the balls need adjusting. The thing is, it's a small relatively "sharp" object and it needs to collide with an often sparse cloth mesh. Also, it can't react in any physical way to clothes, like being weighed down, sim only works the other way around. It's almost always gonna peek through unfortunately, even on denser meshes and non-realtime cloth sims like blender's. Making it flaccid with Autocock or something like that, and attaching the tip to the thigh with a loose parent link and triggering its release manually could work to simulate how it would behave inside pants. I'm thinking of other things that could be done, like adding a general groin area collider that could be triggered off, but it will take time to figure it out.

As for breaking the plugin up in parts and/or allowing for customization, it's something I'm considering, as well as adding some more for the upper arms and shoulders. They do also have built in colliders, but they are a bit lacking in definition. That for version 2 or 3.
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Great job!!! This is what I have been waiting for, Clothing surface physics for male models.
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