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Snap Controller To Surface

Plugins Snap Controller To Surface 2

Small quality-of-life plugin that allows quickly repositioning objects and bodyparts. I use this a lot to do rough positioning for new scenes, and thought you all might find it useful as well.

  1. Add as a scene or session plugin
  2. Select a controller or object in the scene
  3. Hold Ctrl or Alt to see the positioning guide
  4. Ctrl + Mouse RightClick will move the controller to the selected point
  5. Alt + MouseRightClick will move the controller and also orient it to the surface

Internally this uses a Raycast to determine the selected point. As such, it'll only interact with objects that have collision enabled (Models, many CUAs, toys).

First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 12 ratings

More resources from Stopper

Latest updates

  1. Offsets for Hand controllers

    There is now a configurable offset for the hand controller that moves the snap point towards the...

Latest reviews

This saves me a lot of pain.
Upvote 0
really insane plugin, it's really cool to see so many banger plugins recently :D
i'm working on a visual novel using renpy atm while using animations from virt-a-mate and i will 100% credit you :3
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It is funny how sometimes the simplest functions make all the difference. This is incredibly useful.
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simply essential. thank you!
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This is fantastic for photography enthusiasts, thank you for creating such an amazing plugin!
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Just tried this out. All I can say is wow! Sometimes I need something and when I search, I find someone has made a plugin, but this is something that never once crossed my mind and it is so incredibly useful. Setting scenes, posing, you name it. This is just great! 5 freaking stars!
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After using it several times, it has undoubtedly become essential... Thank you very much!
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This time no 'experimental':),but as good as ever and easy to use.
Honestly, one of my main reasons for publishing it was to have at least one plugin without the [experimental] tag.
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"Small" quality of life. You are too humble dear sir. What a must. Two thumbs up.
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Much needed quality-of-life plugin. Thank you for sharing.
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