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Meet Mystique.
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.15 -

She's a sultry snake girl, with a lot more attitude - and heat - than you'd expect from someone covered in scales.
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.12 -

She's an original sculpt (Blender), fully custom textures (Substance Painter/GIMP), with a clothing piece and CUA tail to round out the character.

There are three morph versions: "Mysthicc", basic (slim and stacked), and flat; and two color variations, light and dark:​
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.15 -

Her hood is a morph plus a clothing geoshell to give it better texture resolution. You can turn off the morph and remove the clothing for a hoodless look.​
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.15 -

Her tail (my first CUA ever, woot!) is articulated with 25 joints, fully poseable with any of those joints, has colliders, and works with physics. HUGE thanks to @Stopper for their incredible plugins that make this possible!!


Textures are 8K (except for limbs). Yeah, this was a two-month project, I went all out on this one.
Click to enlarge:
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.12 -
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.12 -

The VAR contains:
  • Scene with Mystique (basic) solo (for fast loading)
  • Scene with Mystique x3 (see pic above)
  • Scene with Mystique (basic) walking (@ReignMocap's [RIP] Walk Enhanced)
  • Scene with Mystique (flat) riding @PetaZwega's Ryan (simple force animation)

Also included are the following presets for using her (heh) in your own scenes:
  • Collider Editor preset for more accurate head, breast, and leg colliders. Works on flat morph too.
  • Breast and glute settings presets. You will likely have better results with Naturalis/TittyMagic or ShakeIt plugins, I highly recommend them; but as this is paid content, for license reasons I can't include them in screenshots or as dependencies in the scenes.
  • 4 Appearance presets: Mysthicc, MystiqueBasic, MystiqueFlat, MystiqueBasicDark.
  • 2 Skin presets: Dark and Light.
  • 3 Morph presets: Mysthicc, Mystique, and MystiqueFlat.
  • 2 CUA presets for the tail asset. This will (should) load all the plugins necessary for the tail to work. When adding the tail in a new scene, add a blank CUA, then load this preset. One of the plugins is Parent Hold Link; you will still have to select her Hip node for the tail to attach to, position it, and then set the tail CUA's Control to "Hold" for both position and rotation. There are two presets for Mystique's two skin colors.
...Because her butt moves so much relative to her skeleton (😏), the tail doesn't match up with her butt 100% when she's moving a lot (🙁). I've tried all the plugins and local attachment points, nothing's quite perfect. Happy to hear any solutions to this, but for now it's a flaw I don't know how to fix. =(

Other usage notes:
- Increase the eyes' Max Outwards Angle to 70-80; for best results, also decrease Max Down Angle to 20, increase Max Up Angle to 30. This will enable her to keep an eye out for (sexual) predators. So she can get to them first.
- Zero out all tongue pose morphs (Tongue Roll and Center Dip have non-zero values by default, and mess up her tongue). "Tongue Narrow-Wide" (non-pose morph) also defaults to -1.00, too wide - I'd set it zero.
- In Toe Control nodes' Physics tabs, I recommend a Joint Drive X Angle of 10-15, and increasing the joint drive spring so her toes aren't so floppy.

Credit and thanks to: MR, Nostage3, AcidBubbles, Paledriver, AshAuryn, MacGruber, ICannotDie, Stopper, Spacedog, Blazedust, milin, VRAdultFun, Hunting-Succubus, Jackaroo, Kemenate, PetaZwega, ReignMocap, and WeebU.

In addition to the resources noted, a very special thanks to @DyingInsideLoLz for commissioning this highly ambitious character, and for telling me to make it paid content! 😳 Thanks for the concept, as well as all the feedback, input, and support, my bro!

Thanks for looking!! I hope you love her as much as I do, I put a lot into this babe!

"It's a cloaca, you weirdo. Clo-ah-ka. Stop calling it my 'snakussy'!"
Desktop Screenshot 2023.09.12 -
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