Assets MorphInjection 2.3

Similar to TriggerIncrementer, MorphInjection is an asset/plugin that performs morph animation by injecting a substance.


In order it to work you need 2 assets, with their corresponding plugins. Thoses assets are Injection (with the plugin MorphInjection) and the Load (with the plugin MorphInjectionLoad); see the image on the right.

The plugin MorphInjection shouldn't be configured, all the morph data is inside the Load.
Inside the MorphInjectionLoad script you can set the animation duration, if the load is unlimited (if it's not it will be emptied after one use), and the morphs that will change:

Notice that you have two lists: "Add morph to increment", and "Add morph to set". The "increment" list will increment the current Person value by the setted value, and the "set" will override the previous Person value to that new value.
You can also customize the appearance (set a 512x512 image, and the substance color).

Then, you just need to attach the load on the top part of the injection.

You can also place a case to store an injection and up to 6 loads. The case lid can be opened and closed, and all the items inside it will follow the case.
Remember that the case also needs the plugin MorphInjectionCase.

"LogicBricks" ( by MacGruber.
"injector" ( by Dragunov is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
"Gun Case" ( by HippoStance is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
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Latest updates

  1. Launch events

    Now you can configure events when a load collides.
  2. Bug fix

    Load not emptying after use
  3. PC experience & bug fixes

    Now attaching Loads in the Injection in PC is more easy. Fixed a bug that prevented some morphs...

Latest reviews

Very nice asset expansion stuff.
Amazing and much needed body transformation asset.
This is a lot of fun and right up my alley. AS the other review stated cool to see some expansion/inflation fetish content in VR.
Pierce Brosnan approves of this release
I'm so happy things like this are finally showing up in the hub.
I've been creating my own expansion/inflation fetish scenes by editing scenes from the hub but its a lot of work.

Keep up the good work <3
Thanks! I made this set of plugins to make easier the creation of those scenes so hopefully creators will do their own versions. I'm glad that you found it useful!
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