Plugins TriggerIncrementer 2023-01-24

This plugin allows to perform a morph animation when a desired object enters a Person mouth.

This plugin is extremely easy to use and setup: just add the script to a Person, and configure it as you wish.
To configure it:
  1. Add the object(s) that will cause the transformation to the scene

  2. Specify the objects in the "collider" dropdown
    You can add multiple objects, and there's an option to add a bunch of elements that follows a rule.
    Those rules are called Regular Expressions (or RegEx), you can check for a tutorial here. Some basic pattern will be ^edible, that will match everything starting with "edible" (like "edible1", or "edible_food").

  3. Adjust the morph animation duration in seconds

  4. Add all the morphs that will change, and the ammount. On every animation all the specified morphs will increment/decrement by the specified ammount. The transformations are cumulative: if you eat 2 objects, you will play 2 animations (one after the other)

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Latest updates

  1. Enhanced triggers, colider offset & keep the object

    Now you can trigger more complex animations when the colision is detected You can offset the...
  2. Hotfix

    There were problems with the collider detecting two different collisions.
  3. Add multiple objects

    Now you can trigger an animation with various objects. Also, you can specify them using RegEx

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  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 2023-01-24
Is it possible to play sound l? Sound function please
Playing sounds it's not supported natively in this version, but with the trigger menu you should be able to play a sound
This is crazy, opened up much more possibilities, I also suggest trying to explore if possbilbe to change texture color of cheeks or other parts after collision.
First of all, thanks for the review and for using my plugin.
Sorry, but that functionality is out of the plugin scope. What I can do is adding onCollision events, and then you can call other plugins specialized in changing textures.
very nice! thx for sharing
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