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As im no longer active making paid content on my VAM Patreon (though i do play around with VAM now and then still) i decided to collect all mods ive made, that i could find on my harddrives, and share them through a MEGA folder.

They are mainly looks and hairs but also some other random stuff i think. Uploaded "as is", some stuff might not work without dependencies, some might be old and broken. This content was made 2020-2021 there is nothing new in here.

If you want to know more about the VARs before downloading i have made posts about most of them here on my Vamhub account so you can check my posts/resources here for reference before downloading.

Ive not had the time to re-tag the licenses on the VARs from paid content to free. But you have my word that all the VARs are now FC (totally free content without any restrictions). :D

If you find any of the stuff useful, you can do whatever you want with it. You dont need to ask for my permission or give credits.

Click on the "Go to Download" button on the top right of this page to get to the MEGA folder.

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Holy Wow! Thank you ever so kindly!
Thank you for your service!
Thank you very much Oeshii I love your works and service for VAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your a hero!
Thanks oeshii, you were one of the very first creators on VAM that I saw and was really impressed with the quality of looks and hair and so on that you made. Thank you.
a legend ! thanks for everything
Always was a fan of your looks - thanks for sharing!
Thank you for contributing. Your stuff is always awesome!
dont leave,best wishes for you.thanks
Holy moly. Very generous and some really amazing stuff. Best of luck in your future endeavours.
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