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Its contents have a liquid effect.

I wanted a more natural effect.
The cup I made earlier was so static that I didn't use it much.

So I made cups and bottles with liquid effect.




How to use




There are many options for customization.
I will explain them in order.

1. Liquid Height
Adjust the liquid height.
This does not mean the amount of liquid.

The height does not fit the size of the bottle or cup.
So tilting will shift the height.
Let's control it well.
(This height is caused by setting the visible area)

2. Liquid Alpha
Controls the transparency of the liquid.

3. Foam height
You can express bubbles in liquids.
Adjust the height of this bubble.
(It may be used for other purposes.)

3-1. Emission Value
Emission value adjustment of liquid

3-2. Viscosity Value
Controlling the viscosity of a liquid

4. Liquid color
Adjusts the color of the liquid.

5. Liquid Top Color
Adjusts the color of the liquid top.

6. Bubble color
Adjusts the color of the bubble.

7. Liquid Type
There are several predefined liquid types.
You can select and use it according to your convenience.

8. Glass Transparent On Off
Choose whether to make the material of the bottle or cup transparent.

9. Liquid Physics On Off
You can turn on or off the splash effect of the liquid.

10. Cap On Off
You can show or hide bottle caps.

11. Brand On Off
You can show or hide bottle labels.

11-1. Brand Change
Change the logo arbitrarily.

12. Glass Alpha
Controls the transparency of the bottle material.

13. Bottle Color
Adjusts the color of the bottle material.

14. Bottle Cap Color
Adjust the color of the bottle caps.

15. Bottle Blend Color
Adjust the color of the bottle label.

There is a sample scene, so please refer to it.

There are 9 types of bottles and 5 types of cups.


2 types of straws added

How to use a plugin to additionally control the drinking rendition.

Subscenes were added for each type.


Added trackers for animation work.
Check out the updates.


The Medical Pack was created to be used with the intravenous drip of another asset, "Medical Pack".

I hope it will help you with good creation.
Good luck. friends!!!

Please check the update for how to set emission.
We will update the guide later.

Your support is continuous and produces many results.
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Latest updates

  1. Add straw

    Add straw
  2. Added two cup types.

    Bowls and basins were added. Functionally, viscosity was added.
  3. add old bottle

    add old bottle

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This resource is really cool and very useful for making scenes feel more alive!

One request/question, though: Could you possible add some containers that look like science-y bakers and/or magic potion bottles? It would be neat to use the liquid effects in things other than drinks.
already thought
But i'm too busy (T_T)
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Cool, time to add the to my music bar scene :)
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