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  1. Molmark

    Paid Clothing FC-03 2023-07-01

  2. Molmark

    Paid Clothing FC-02 2023-06-18

  3. Molmark

    Paid Clothing FC-01 2023-06-10

  4. Molmark

    Paid Clothing Slime top 2023-05-12

  5. Molmark

    Paid Textures Full set slime decals 2023-04-19

    There is a 4 sets in archive. Use it with Decal Maker Plugin 5 Plugin presets included: Full body green slime; Full body transparent; Arms green; Face-chest green; Feet green. If you want use transparent version, just remove Decal texture in Plugin. Highly recommended to play with...
  6. Molmark

    Textures Arms slime decals 2023-04-19 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Use it with Decal Maker Plugin Plugin preset included. If you want use transparent version, just remove Decal texture in Plugin. Highly recommended to play with Glossines and Specular in SkinMaterial2 Person tab.
  7. Feel

    Assets LiquidGlassPack 17 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-SA

    Its contents have a liquid effect. I wanted a more natural effect. The cup I made earlier was so static that I didn't use it much. So I made cups and bottles with liquid effect. How to use There are many options for customization. I will explain them in order. 1. Liquid...
  8. ZRSX

    Assets Splatters 1.0 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    What is this? There's often scenes with a lot of cumming and everything remains spotless... Well, no more! Here is a set of 9 cum splatter assets. If you find that a scene is a bit "too clean", it should help to mess it up a little and add some realism :) A static demo scene is included...
  9. Vam_SlesaR

    Clothing liquid 2022-01-02 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC

    hi guys! I was missing some materials for the scene so I made a small set of dripping liquids. I initially didn't plan to share this, as I did it for myself, but I thought maybe it would be useful to someone
  10. Molmark

    Clothing Drip'n'Drops: Hands LITE 2021-07-23 Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

    Liquid as clothing for right hand. It is trial version for FULL package.
  11. Molmark

    Clothing Drip'n'Drops: Hands FULL 2022-05-24 Hub-Hosted VAR Questionable

    16 clothing pieces. They are separate, so you can combine them as you want. 8 for left and 8 for right hand.
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