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Light Texture Plugin

This will let you access Unity's ability to add image textures to lights. Unity calls these textures "cookies".

Spotlight - supported
Directional - supported
Point - supported

Using It

Load this plugin on any atom that has a supported light in it somewhere. The first one it finds will be the one that gets changed.

Load a texture onto the light.

Making Cookie Textures (Spot and Directional)
  • Create a square image in paint program
  • Paint all over the square in grayscale. Black will be dark, white will be light.
    • Spotlights: Keep the edges of the square black. Spotlights use the circle that would fit inside the square so try and keep things in the center for spotlights or else they will look.. square
    • Directional: Use the whole square but keep these fully tileable since that is what will happen
  • Export the image as a PNG with alpha.
  • Load this image in the plugin and rinse and repeat

Making Cookie Textures (Point)

  • See above instructions for the basic idea.
  • This is different because you can also create a cubemap / skymap instead of just square images.
  • The cubemap has to be aspect ratio 4:3, 3:4, 1:6, 6:1

This Is A Picture

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Latest updates

  1. Now you can add to subscene (VAM 1.20)

    new: switching light types tries to keep the same texture you have loaded fix: you can now add...
  2. Point light support

    If you have some Cube Map textures lying around (these are sort of like skybox style textures)...
  3. jpg and gif import with performance too

    new: 4-5x image load and effect performance improvements new: support jpg and gif importing

Latest reviews

Great way to add to the mood of a scene.
I just realized I didn't rate this! Must have for great ambiance and funky lighting effects, very easy to use too!
Great and Unique !
Awesome stuff Its perfect for a club scene or other cool light effects
Just leaving you 5 stars for all this cool free shit you must spend a ton of time building.
This is really cool, exactly what I needed to replace ImagePanels in front of the lights : D
Really very nice! Lighting is the heart of every scene.
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