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Leah the Librarian

Scenes Leah the Librarian 2

Leah, who works at the town library, took a second job at a museum this summer. She calls you after hours to come over, to check out an exhibit she thinks you'd really like.


[Screenshot Gallery]

Leah's skin has been reworked from her previous release, and morphs tweaked of course.
This is my longest Timeline scene so far. It started months ago as two animation sections, and is now up to five.
I tried to give Leah her own character, assertive and bold, more raw sexual energy than Hannah. But still, I consider it to be a "practice" animation - more technical work, without much planning, so not as creative as I hope to get. Still, I hope you enjoy it!

Please download and read the TXT file too, it's necessary! Dependent, in fact. I updated the links to be almost all Hub links, for easy shopping (it's all free).
Yay for VARs, so you don't need to install all this stuff manually!
Yes, there are lots of dependencies - if you want to skip some, clothing doesn't matter (functionally) but plugins do, and morphs probably mostly do too.

This scene feels like a real community effort to me - huge thanks to everyone whose work was part of bringing this to life! Seriously:
Acidbubbles - gets lots of accolades for his truly fundamental creations, and deserves even more.
TGC - great ports, the environment is all you.
DoesNotCat - awesome second-gen gens plugin! Gen gen gen.
Hunting-Succubus - real eyes, man. Such a difference.
Kemenate - a real Renaissance man (or woman? Those exist too). I'm only using your morphs in this one, but everything you do... mwah! Next level!
MacGruber - "plugging away" (sorry) at putting soul into VaM!
NoStage - does everything, and does it well. Top notch hair. Gorgeous looks. And mandatory plugins, whaaa?! Look, I know it's fast, but meet my parents.
Roac - if I had long hair myself, I'd want a Roac style. And if I had a girlfriend, I'd want her to have a Roac look.
YameteOuji - my next new favorite clothing creator! Love your shares!
VeeRifter - another plugin master, filling gaps and leveling the uncanny valley
Overall, I don't feel like clothing and hair creators get enough credit for what they do, especially when they release so much for free. It's so much more than just tweaking morphs and saying "hey, new look!" And along those lines, Prestigitis deserves special mention, I didn't realize what WIZARDRY they were doing with clothing until I went in to mod the sim and textures of this tube top. Genius-level creation, there. And impeccable.

There are Play and Reset buttons on the table. In case you miss them.

Please let me know if there are any problems, comments, or suggestions!

If you like my work a lot, my Patreon's got pretty small tiers because it's cheap to motivate me. I'm serious: my wonderful patrons are literally ego fuel for me - it's why I'm posting this at 6am, and didn't take another two weeks to finish it. ;)
But whether it's a couple of denarii, kind words, or a thumbs up, ALL your support is hugely appreciated.

I ❤ this community, and have never once regretted releasing everything I do for free!!

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4.93 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Fixed errors with the genital plugin location and clothing textures

    Sorry for not catching these at release. I'm not sure how the plugin pathing got borked, but...

Latest reviews

Pretty Great!
Really loved the first version of this. Now it's even better! Best body morph I have ever seen in VaM. The movement and facial expressions look so natural it's astonishing. Great job!
Love this scene awesome works!
very well done. kinda speechless, to be honest.
That's awesome, thanks for saying.
Amazing job with the animation, the expressions add so much to it too.
Thanks! I hope the next one will be even better =)
Sweet gens mmmmmmmmm...
wow, it's great!
Best scene ever!
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