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Hannah Flashes

Scenes Hannah Flashes 1

[Easy dependency links at the bottom]


To launch my new "only the tip" Patreon site (see all my stuff, and support my work? 😇), Hannah's back! She's got longer hair, a new sweater, the same tits, and she's been hitting her Stairmaster!

But don't worry, gals and fellas, she didn't lose too much of that butt. She's as sweet and shy as ever... she simply loves to let out her wild side, by which I mean her boobs, because the power they have over most men - and some ladies - is exhilarating, if a little confusing, to her.

Please. Confuse her.

Edit: Oh hey, you can attach GIFs!

The scene took me about 3 days to animate, I hope it shows a little. 😅 This Hannah look, updated from the original, is minimally morph-merged for easy customization. Custom skin by me (from a year ago), the morph is based originally on a look by u/Gods123.
And I finally fixed the bug where Mouth Open Wide went to 1.250 every time you loaded the look. Yeah, not hot.

It's got kinda a lot of dependencies, but folks, please get the ones you're missing - easy links provided below.
Especially Timeline (obviously), the v-neck, and the pose tools. I'd include everything in the VAR to make it even easier for you, but dangit if that doesn't defeat the entire purpose of the VAR system.

Please see the VAR description's note about the edited colliders if things (her boobs, specifically) are clipping badly.

I double-checked the VAR in a stock VAM install, so hopefully it will only take one or two re-releases before it works properly. I trust you all to let me know when it isn't. ;)

Enormous appreciation to everyone listed below. We all stand upon the shoulders of giants. Some of us more than others.

For your easy access:

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Latest reviews

While this scene is fine, it's hardly one of the best made on the Hub. With scenes like Cooking Lesson Story, Lily's Thone, many of WeebU's scenes and so on that have so much more functionality and so much more going on, this scene just doesn't shine like them. Sorry to be practical, I just don't consider a little boob shaking and a smile to be on the same level.
Thanks for your review, and I'm sorry if I wasn't clear in the description about how short it is, that's on me!
I haven't heard anyone claim it was "the best made on the Hub" - Who said that?! xD Kidding, I'm fully aware that there are very well done complex and involved interactive scenes out there, and I'm not trying to pretend that this is "better." This is simply a short polished animation, and honestly it feels a bit unfair to be comparing it to "full experience" scenes like Sapusex and Damarmau's.

Hannah Flashes is just Hannah flashing. =) Tried to make it as quality as I could, for what it is. Leah the Librarian, my other recent release, is much longer but still just a few minutes of animation.
on yaaaa
Sweet smile, big breasts
VaM needs to go more in this direction of behavior and animation. The models are superb looking (minus AO). They just lack character (behavior). It's the missing element. EXCELLENT WORK!!
Thanks! And I totally agree... some of our amazing plugin makers (i.e., MacGruber's Life, e-Motion, etc.) have been working on that for a long time, and have built engines for expression morphs to react to player behavior. But there's at least one big hurdle: expression morphs don't work equally among all looks, meaning that a bright smile for one girl is a hideous grimace for another. This means most auto-emotion plugins have to be on the subtle side (among other limitations) to avoid horrorshows... and of course, to look really good, expressions have to use a wide range of morphs for expression sub-elements that work together to fit the character. For Hannah, I basically hand-crafted her expressions with all the (free) morphs at my disposal, timing them with Timeline to fit together, trying to create an expression progression that fit her face, current feeling, and overall attitude.
It's a big challenge to do that quickly (though you get faster with experience), let alone achieving that with an automated expression plugin that can fit a wide range of looks!
I really love all the facial expressions and head movement - it really makes a big difference to the realism
Short, but very cute and well executed scene. gotta love the bounce.
Love Syrinxo's unique works!
thank you
WOW, love it :) We need more teasing scene like that, and more everyday situation (like Nial did)
Thanks! And I agree about teasing and everyday situations.
I am impressed, quick animation, but all the components are there. It surely shows the extra time you put into this, the facial expressions the eye movements, the smile, Hannah is very proud of her build, as we all should be. Very well done, and thank you!
Thank YOU for such a kind comment! 😄
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