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Karen and Janet is in Early Access. This means that you'll get to follow along in the development of it as I release more scenes! There are many planned scenes to come! After Early Access is done, this will be released to the public. Early Access is estimated to be done on Feb 15 2021, but I reserve the right to take more time if needed.

This project is very near to my soul. Karen and Janet are two characters I've been working on for a long time and this is their latest iteration. They are middle aged, bitter and starved. Sometimes they help each other out. Most of the time they fight.

Karen and Janet requires SCAMP's Boys to work. Download that and its dependencies: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/scamps-boys.2802/ This update IS DEPANDANT on Hazmhox' VamMoan https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/vammoan.3134/ and MacGruber's LIFE https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/life.165/

UPDATE 01, Jan 27, Janet's Pillow Humping Scenes were added.

scamp_1611780516.jpg scamp_1611780673.jpg

UPDATE 02, Feb 13, Karen and Janet get lesbian while you watch.

scamp_1613236737.jpg scamp_1613250589.jpg

UPDATE 03, Feb 19, Karen's WILD masturbation weekend party!

scamp_1613405207.jpg scamp_1613409555.png scamp_1613687399.jpg
scamp_1613687443.jpg scamp_1613687536.jpg scamp_1613687588.jpg

UPDATE 04, Feb 24, Invisible man Roleplaying scenes

scamp_1614161201.jpg scamp_1614079015.jpg

UPDATE 05, Feb 27, Karen and Janet fuck the same guy together.

scamp_1614434370.jpg scamp_1614434420.jpg scamp_1614434477.jpg

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Latest updates

  1. 6.1

    - Moved to HUB for FREE and direct download
  2. 6.0

    - Karen and Janet fuck a guy together. Release Candidate.
  3. 5.0

    - Invisible man roleplaying scenes

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nice but not my favorite. Good work anyway, especially for free.
lol ok thanks anyway
Fantastic hot moms! Thanks Scamp! As always, love your work.
Thank you! I really appreciate it, DasBoot!
One of the best lesbian scenes, full of humor, great job.
Thanks! It was a lot of fun to create! I'll use that neighbourhood asset over and over too lol Prepare to see a lot of it
Thanks, mate.
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