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  1. SCAMP

    Scenes Andrea's MILF Collection 1.0

    Andrea is 49 and a MILF in the truest meaning of the expression. She is living in a boring marriage and actively out looking for some action, preferably with younger men. Maybe you can help her out? This is a collection of scenes featuring Andrea; most of them are very sexual and great for...
  2. SCAMP

    Looks SCAMPs Boys 1.0

    These are the male porn stars I use for most of my scenes. Mr.Dilf, the middle aged man, versatile to play many different roles in my productions. Then there's Mr Player the young stud and Mr Black the young black stud. Watch it with those two young guys, cause if you leave them alone, they get...
  3. SCAMP

    Scenes The Massage 1.0

    The Massage is a story scene series telling the story of an erotic massage session. You also get two complete looks: Melinda, 43, with head hair and pussy hair as well as texture decals, and her daughter Tiffany, 22, with head and pussy hair. Assets from Cs Digital Studios (Massage Bed) and...
  4. SCAMP

    Looks Mrs Juliet Finebottom 2020-11-09

    Mrs Juliet Finebottom has a sexual appetite that her husband is incapable of satisfying. That is why she's now on the prowl for younger men. If you treat her good, the rewards are tremendous. She's picked up a trick or two during her 62-year life. Be careful though, she's dominant and used to...
  5. SCAMP

    Looks Janet 2020-11-07

    Janet featured in a series of small stories on the VAM Discord a few months back. Janet was made famous through little stories that spanned several months on the VAM screenshots section on discord. Janet and her friend Karen always got into cringy situations together. Many of you askedme to...
  6. SCAMP

    Scenes Maria's Wild Anal 1.1

    After what happened last night between you and your secretary Maria, your attention span at the conference the next day is lacking. You can't take your eyes off her perfect young ass in that tight pencil skirt. She constantly sends you horny, inviting, teasing looks. You smile back properly, but...
  7. SCAMP

    Scenes Maria's Wild Ride 1.1

    You are spending a few days at a conference out-of-town and you've brought your young secretary Miss Maria with you. One evening as you come out of the shower, she has entered your hotel room and is standing there all naked. She looks divine. Get ready for the ride of a lifetime! Maria and her...
  8. SCAMP

    Scenes Juliet's Class 1.1

    Professor Juliet Finebottom teaches your class and she's not happy with you. In fact as a punishment, she's going to force you to look on while she does all sorts of questionable stuff to her own voluptous self. Some unfortunate fool that has been through this before has scribbled notes of...
  9. SCAMP

    Scenes The Voyeur 1.1

    One night as you are on your way home, you can hear the sounds of a woman moaning of pleasure. As you investigate, you can see your best mate's ugly, 50+ milf mum through the window as she's having a great time by herself. You pull down your pants and start stroking your cock while you watch her...
  10. SCAMP

    Scenes Nina 2020-11-22

    To celebrate my return to VAM, I give you a little goody - Nina. Nina is a plain looking girl. This VAR includes her look file as well as an animated scene with Nina humping a pillow in a hotel room early one morning. Nina comes complete with hairstyles both up and down. Special thanks to...
  11. SCAMP

    Looks Helen 2.0 1.1

    Helen was involved with a vile, repressive, authoritarian and anti-democratic cult-like ideology. An ideology, whose members and supporters are politically immature and ill-fit for functioning in a Western Democracy since they want to silence, ban and crack down on all opposing viewpoints. When...
  12. SCAMP

    Looks Mrs Hotmama 1.1

    Get ready for sum real booty! Mrs Hotmama gone take you inside her warm body and treat yo member to a dee-vine oh-gassm. Oh LAAAWD they's gone be sum groove, ya know what I mean. Oh LAAWWWD, mama gone have a good time, baby! Gone have an oh-gassm! Mrs Hotmama comes with a special hairstyle...
  13. SCAMP

    Looks Tasha, 19, the Ugly Metalhead 1.1

    Ok so Tasha is kinda ugly, both on the outside and the inside. She talks back to her elders and is generally a pest to her surroundings. Maybe she needs someone to throw her down and fuck her ass hard to teach her some manners and make her say "thank you" and "please". Pump up Ace of Spades on...
  14. SCAMP

    Scenes Have SEX With A MILF 1.0

    This file is obsolete. Andrea and all the files I created with her are now part of a larger package called Andrea's MILF Collection. Download that instead.
  15. SCAMP

    Looks Andrea, 49 1.0

    This file is obsolete. Andrea and all the files I created with her are now part of a larger package called Andrea's MILF Collection. Download that instead. Andrea is a 49 year old MILF who works at the local bank. She's divorced and very lonely. Andrea suffers from low self-esteem and has a...
  16. SCAMP

    Looks Paula from Argentina 1.0

    Paula from Argentina likes her soccer. If Argentina wins the World Cup, Paula wants to party and if they lose, she needs to be comforted. For you, that's a win-win situation. Paula comes with a custom textured soccer uniform, two hairstyles, one for the head and a cute little bush down there...
  17. SCAMP

    Scenes The Guy and the Ho 1.1

    The Guy and the Ho (OK, it looks ugly, but give this one a chance if you're into sexy stories. It's better than it looks from here! Promise!) SCAMP presents a story from the dark back alley of Western Civilization. One night on his way home, a 23 year old young man, naive and unspoiled, meets...
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