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Looks Jaina 2


She won the unofficial poll, so here's a new original look: Jaina.

She's meant to be honestly imperfect. A little pullback from all the fantasy, bra busters, and supermodels.

I hope you like her. In fact, I hope you love her.
I hope you love her... without her makeup on (the makeup is a decal, as is the flushed chest. Remove to see the real her).

No, screw that. I hope you love her first thing in the morning, with bedhead and bad breath and a zit on her nose and a grumpy head full of insecurities. Because that stuff just doesn't matter if she really is beautiful to you.

Okay, maybe don't love her THAT much! ...but still. I'm pretty proud of this one. 😅

I do have an animated boinking scene with her in progress, very intense (I get jealous working on it), but it's queued up for release after Leah the Librarian's solo and Grace the Goblin's introduction.

Check out my Patreon page for previews, or to (here it comes, yeah) show some support. I'm plugging shamelessly because I'm 3/4 of the way to a ZBrush subscription! And because all my releases are free, my patrons are tipping out of pure good-heartedness. That feels almost as good as sex, right there. Thanks, friends!

The last pic is without makeup:
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Latest updates

  1. Texture fixes

    Just some minor texture fixes: fixed a misplaced crease shadow under her right boob (no idea how...

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Incredible Work! Thanks
very realistic looking. well done!!!
I mean, WOW!
Think it is THE best look so far.
What praise, thanks!! I'm super glad it's making people happy. =D
imperfect is perfect!!!
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