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Guide last updated: Jan 2024, big thanks to ALXR dev Korejan
This guide will be separated into 2 methods:
Method 1: Virtual Desktop (Easy, Paid)
Method 2: ALXR (Advanced, Free)

*Difficulty level: 4/5*

What is this?
Imagine using VAM in real life, with just your models & you, anywhere, with Mixed Reality. The immersion is pretty great!
*This is a WIRELESS guide, if you want to use it WIRED skip to the bottom


What will I need?
- A VR headset with passthrough that is supported by Virtual Desktop or ALXR
Fully Supported headsets:
Quest 2/3, Quest Pro, Vive Focus 3, XR Elite, Pico Neo 3, Pico 4
- A scene in VAM with a plain background

Method 1: Virtual Desktop (Easy, Paid)
This will be using Virtual Desktop, a paid wireless streaming app.
1) Install and set up the latest version of Virtual Desktop streamer on your PC (NON-Steam version, install the PC streamer app for your correct Headset)
Version 1.29.0 onwards supports Passthrough
Download: https://www.vrdesktop.net/
FAQ: If you're unsure how to do this, YouTube search "How to install Virtual Desktop + (your headset)"

2) Install Virtual Desktop on your headset

3) Download the VAM plugin Camera Background Color Plugin by Sally Whitemane
(Alternative: Camera Background Color Session Plugin that stays for the whole session)

i. Launch Virtual Desktop
ii. Launch VAM (VR Version) on your PC
iii. When you're in VAM, pick a scene with a Black background. (Default scene works for testing)
iv. Press the left Menu button twice to exit VR, then tap again to activate Virtual Desktop side-menu.
Go to Streaming > VR Passthrough > Enable
(For the Configure settings, you can choose what color you want. I personally think Blue works the best
I set my Similarity to about 20%, and Smoothness to 3%, but this is up to you)
[*NOTE: Your VD settings need to be maximum at 90fps, anything higher won't work]

v. In VAM Launch the Camera Background plugin in Session Plugins. Pick the color you chose earlier.

For color choices, these are 2 recommended color profiles:
A) Blue (0, 71, 187) Similarity 20%, Smoothness 3% - Works on most, easy to use
B) Muted Green (100, 120, 100) Similarity 5%, Smoothness 0% - Very clear no fringes, but only specific looks


Instructional GIF:

You're done! Enjoy

Method 2: ALXR (Black Background passthrough, Free)
This will be using ALXR, a free experimental wireless streaming app.

1) Install the ALXR Client (v0.13.0 nightly 2023.09.07 is a tested working version) on your PC. To install, download alvr_server_windows.zip and follow the install steps.
Download: https://github.com/korejan/ALXR-nightly/releases
Screenshot 2023-08-22 141633.jpg

To clarify, this is ALXR (nightly build), not ALVR (mainline build), even though it is called ALVR server
*Additional note: Feel free to use the more updated versions, ALXR is constantly updating. However, not all newer versions might 100% work

FAQ: How to set up ALXR
FAQ: The difference between ALVR & ALXR:
ALXR supports more features in development such as Mixed Reality

2) Sideload the ALXR apk into your headset. Pick the correct APK for your headset.
eg: Quest will use alxr-client-quest.apk
Download: https://github.com/korejan/ALXR-nightly/releases

FAQ: How to sideload APKs onto your headset

3) Set up ALXR on your PC & headset.

FAQ: How to set up ALVR/ALXR

i. Launch ALVR Launcher.exe & SteamVR on your PC
ii. Launch the ALXR apk from your Headset
iii. Launch VAM (VR Version) on your PC
What your ALVR Launcher should look like after set up

*When you launch ALXR on your headset, it will have a green background, then load into SteamVR. This is the correct sequence if you followed the steps correctly (Launch on PC > Launch on Headset)

iv. When you're in VAM, pick a scene with a Black background. (Default scene works for testing)

v. Press the Left Menu + Right B button to enable full passthrough to Black color. Press again to disable.

Press the Left Menu + Right A button to enable half transparent passthrough.

That's it for the Basics. You will see some clipping as the blacks may go through. Try using bright colors on your model (hair, clothes, etc)
You can also turn off shadows from light sources to make it better.

ALXR Option 2: Custom Color background
1) Continued from above, we will now use custom color backgrounds to make the chroma keying more accurate. (Long story short, it will look cleaner)
*Skip to step 6 if you don't want to use a built-in color & want to customize your own color background

2) Download the VAM plugin Camera Background Color Plugin by Sally Whitemane
(Alternative: Camera Background Color Session Plugin that stays for the whole session)

3) Sideload an updated ALXR APK onto your headset that changes the background to a Modified color instead of Black. (Don't forget to delete the old ALXR APK from your headset)
Updated APK for ALXR with passthrough by animetiddyenthusiast

4) Launch the same steps as Step 4 in Basic. When in VAM, launch the Camera Background plugin in Session Plugins. Pick green, or to be accurate the colors are: 98, 129, 100

Note: You will still have some color outline around the character. It isn't perfected yet.


5) Press the Left Menu + Right B button to enable full passthrough to color. Tap again to disable.

6) To customize even further: How to customize any color you want for passthrough, a walkthrough by krch

You're done! Enjoy passthrough VAM wherever you are. It really helps the immersion.

- Getting the color key outline can be a bit tricky, it might not be perfect
- How to record your videos:
>Quest 3/Quest Pro/Pico 4 (Record directly in headset)
>Quest 2 (Use SideQuest to stream to PC, then record on PC)
[Quest tip: You can't disable guardian while recording, it will show up black]
- I recommend using JayJayWon's UI assist plugin to get a one-click shortcut to launch Background Changer
- Increase your performance in VR with these tips, works with passthrough
- Recommended VAM settings: Anti-Aliasing OFF, Lighting Pass 4+
- Recommended scenes for Passthrough: Scenes from ABC Tits, AlpacaLabs & VamX
Some creators are making Passthrough specific scenes now!
Example: This demo by C&G Studio, This sex scene by MadTinkerer
- You can technically use this on any scene you like, just remove any background
- Some scenes have black floors, remove the Atoms and it'll be clear. Normally they're called "Stage" or "Wooden floor"
- If you are having issues, try fixing/reinstalling VAM, make sure to remove all FSR files if you used them
- Optional: You can also set this up wired through ALVR here

Demo Video on Quest 3: (Scene is Super Vam Deepthroat by Stayblocky)

Demo Video on a Quest 2: (Scene is Gentleman by ABC Tits)

Full credits: (Let me know if you don't want to be in it)
Dev of ALXR- Korejan
Sally Whitemane
Model Lyra by Juno
Model by Shadow Venom
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Sure, will make a list soon of great passthrough Scenes!
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No worries, we're in the future now!
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Excellent mod and very pleasant, I just have a little problem, the screen (or models) shakes a lot during use, do you know where this could comes from?
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