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Plugin to change the background color of all cameras:
main-, thumbnail-, screenshot- and window-camera. Created in response to a forum post.
Smart VR users figured out ways to use this Plugin as passthrough helper:
How to use Passthrough in VAM (VR Mixed Reality) Guide by thinoreos & older reddit guide.
  • The skybox must be disabled in the [Scene Lighting]-tab is now automatically hidden by default in Version 3+.
  • Usable as Session- or Scene-Plugin with Version 4
  • The skybox on/off state is stored when the Plugin loads and restored if disabled.
  • The color is saved per scene. VAMs default black is restored if the Plugin is disabled.
CameraBackgroundColor Plugin version4_256c.png

In case you need a 'transparent' color for chroma keying it can be used as green screen or blue screen for video recording / editing. The blue default color is intentional because for human color vision the remaining blue artifacts after chroma keying are less noticeable than green. However the primary reason for choosing a chroma key color should still be the colors and content visible in your scene.
If you need pixel perfect background separation from the background try to disable Anti Aliasing in VAMs performance options. Pixels should no longer be 'mixed' with it disabled. Mostly noticeable on thin hair lines first.

If installed as session plugin it will automatically load with VAM and set the saved session color for ALL scenes when loaded. Make sure this is what you want!
1. Download with VAM
1. ... or manually download the .var-file into VAM\AddonPackages and Restart VAM (or rescan packages)
2. In VAM select Return To Scene View at bottom or open any scene
3. Enable Edit Mode
On the menu bar select the top left Hamburger-button
5. Open the purple [Session Plugins]-tab -> Add Plugin -> Select File ...
Search for camera in the left column -> select Sally.CameraBackground.4 below -> on the right select CameraBackgroundColor.cs
select file_16c.png
If the Plugin does not show up navigate to the AddonPackages folder manually and select the var. Still nothing? You have not restarted VAM - it's not aware of it's existence.
7. Security popup will show on first Installation -> Allow Always
The Plugin should now be loaded and the background colored blue.
Under Open Custom UI ... select the preferred color and then the Save Session Plugin Color.
8. To permanently load this Plugin for every VAM session now open the purple [Session Plugin Presets]-tab
9. At the top center select Change User Defaults ... -> Set Current As User Defaults.
Now this Plugin will be automatically reloaded every VAM start. Done!
session plugin defaults_16c.png

CameraBackgroundColor Plugin.jpg
Camera Background Color Putri Cinta.jpg
FC free content / CC0 public domain
Sally Whitemane
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 18 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Version 6

    Changes: (to previous "Version 5 experimental 2" only) CUAs that have a linked Rigidbody will...
  2. Version 4

    Merged session- and scene-plugin versions. Fixed logic related to enabled / disabled state. The...
  3. Version 3

    The skybox will now be disabled automatically by default. This should prevent users from falling...

Latest reviews

Makes Quest 3 passthrough work
Upvote 0
This made my quest 3 ten times better. A detail question thou? Is it possible to remove the green (or whatever background color) line that appears around characters and objects? Maybe I missed where there is info about this or do I just suck with the settings?
Upvote 0
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Truly a life changing plugin. Elevates this app to something brand new
Upvote 0
Thanks for link to my Guide! This is the most needed plugin for passthrough for sure
Upvote 0
I'm going to replace the green screen skybox in Produce 69 with this one...
Sally Whitemane
Sally Whitemane
Good for performance. Even though it's only a few less polygons to render for the skybox cube.
It's probably a tiny difference - within margin of error if benchmarked.
I like that it does not need an 'Update'-function.
It's not needed. The color is used anyway in VAMs/Unitys code.
Nice to have zero extra work for executing a script every frame.
Upvote 0
thanks Sally!!
Upvote 0
Must have for Quest 3 Passthrough. Thanks!!!
Upvote 0
Quest 3 Passthrough using this app is proper next gen stuff!!
Upvote 0
Virtual Desktop just updated to allow for chroma passthrough. Now this plugin is absolutely essential. Will be incorporating it into my scene asap.
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