Glance + Timeline idles with facial micromovements (shy & confident presets)

Scenes Glance + Timeline idles with facial micromovements (shy & confident presets) 5

Glance Demo Scene (Shy & Confident Idles)

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This is the demo scene for Glance. It's a very simple idle animation with two presets:

- Shy (looks away a lot, nervous)
- Confident (direct look, more stable motions)

It contains facial micromovements which helps making the face believable, and it uses Glance.

NOTE: You should NOT subscribe to my Patreon just for this scene! This is only a demo for the Glance plugin (well, unless you really like Glance, Timeline and my other work :p)

With some great clothing by @YameteOuji (not included)

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  1. Glance demonstration scene version 5

    Uses up to date versions of Glance and Timeline

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