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Scenes Free ''Idle'' animation for models,clothes and shoes visualisation 2020-11-23

Love it
Thanks i will have use for this mocap.
This is excellent and has tempted me to become a Patron. There have been similar mocaps to this, but because the person is wearing heels in this example, the movements seem more feminine. Also, the use of VRAdultFun's Hand Animator plugin, brings the hands to life, which is another thing that is often overlooked in other mocaps. The same goes for the facial expressions plugin used here (E-Motion, also by VRAdultFun, not McGruber as sugested in the content list) which gives the girl a personality. By the way, for those unfamiliar with E-Motion, I find it looks better if the Max Smile (Morphs) is dialled back to 0.6, because I think the default setting sometimes makes the girl look rather manic! This setting is accessed by opening the scene in edit mode, clicking on the Person target, click on Plugins, open custom UI for Plugin #1, click "Look Adjustments" and scroll down until you get to Max Smile (Morphs).
It's weird to see my model in a video :p
Super animation thank you!
She is one of the best models in the hub.
I would give six stars if I could but I am getting an error of a missing file:
"LoadJSON: File ReignMocap.ReignMocapClothesIdle.1:/Custom/Scripts/E-Motion\Config\FaceStateControl.json not found"
Any ideas? Still great and well worth five stars. It's amazingly lifelike. I just wonder what I'm missing not having that file. Maybe... something worth ten stars out of five? I can't promise I can give all those starts if you fix it... but it is amazingly done.
I think it’s an error on your side. Anyway you don’t need that file. That’s the emotion plugin.
This motion is very 'natural', and beautiful. I love it!
Thanks man. Great Work. Keep your Vision and keep putting out easy to reuse mocaps.
very good
Exactly what Ballard says in their review - great, usable and consistent content
What I love about Reing's mocaps is that he focuses on what he is great at, amazing mocaps. Rather than give us complete scenes with pre-caned environments, music and lighting, he takes minimalist approach and instead gives us an animation asset that is dead easy to drop into our own scenes. To my knowledge he is the first mocap creator that seems to understand that VAM is above all a sandbox game. I have been subbed for a few months now and have basically stopped using animation patterns and cycle forces (much less timeline). Why would I, when I get a few great quality mocap animations to play with every week? This plug and play approach to animation has freed up a lot of my time that used to be spent animating to instead work on the aesthetic choices I care about like the mood, environment and the music for my scene. Second to Meshed's patreon this is the best patreon I have subbed too.
Ohh thank you man. My mouth hurts from the big smile you just put on my face. Let me tell you a secret. I do it because I am lazyyyyyy bwahahha. Nah i am kidding. But I am lazy tho. I actually got into a fight with an old member of the community because of this. I stood my ground. I knew people will like the scenes with not much stuff in them. That's what I would like. To be able to insert my own stuff. Thanks for the review man. I am glad you enjoy my content.
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