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Welcome everybody! Please come in!
Here's a brand new peep-show, just for you 😀

PS - Full.JPG

What's in it:
It's a full environment.
It comes with a Full and a Lite version. Each has 2 versions: with or without characters (with light animations).

All windows are one-way mirrors.

PS - Full view.JPG

Full version, with all booths activated:


You can change booth, to have the angle of your choice:


Change of booth:


Time is up!


  • This environment is fully made within VAM: there's only one small asset in it (the big stage cushion).
    So you can adjust everything in it! Make it your own ;)
    The full version can be heavy, you may need a recent computer. Should be better with the update

  • Animations are pretty limited; my focus was on making the environment. Characters & animations are only placeholders to showcase it.
    It's to be used as a basis for your own scenes. I trust you to make some amazing peep-show dances!

  • The different parts of the environment are made as subscenes: you can customize, reuse or rearrange them!

  • Built & tested in desktop mode, but I hope it renders great on VR!
    Please tell me how it is 🙏

How to use:
Open the scene and enjoy the environment!
If the timer reach 0 minute, the booth window will become opaque. But don't worry: just insert a coin using the corresponding button. It's a virtual money and you have an unlimited amount of it ;)

Then start creating! Make your own show, import animations or mocap using Timeline Import/Export feature, or Merge load this with another scene with a great animation... Have fun!

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4 stars for creativity but a little slow
Yeah, I'll try to improve this!
You've still got the "Lite" version that shouldn't cause performance issue even for older computers ;)
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