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Scenes [Environment] Peep-show 1.1

Small update to add a control panel to the "Full" version (available outside the environment, on the left)
PS - Controls.JPG

It adds several options to control the stage (such as rotating it or not) and a few technical options.
I've disabled a few things by default that will hopefully significantly improve performance. You can re-enable them here of course, if you're looking for the best rendering ;)

If those technical things don't mean much to you, just remember this:
  • For better perf: disable (tick off) and pick the minimum value for everything here
  • For optimal rendering: enable (tick on) and pick the maximum value for everything here
You can move the Control panel around, using the handle on the left.

Thanks to @RandomVAMUser for bringing that up and helping to provide a solution!
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