Elin from TERA

Looks Elin from TERA v5

Thanks to @myt for helping out with the textures!

New proper gen texture is in this update as well.
Thanks to Glitch for the help with CUA's!

The texture seam seems to be a VAM bug where different skins can sometimes "stretch" textures for no reason. Resetting them and re-saving seems to work, it's beyond science tbh

@myt Please try the new version and see if it's better!
Fixed some buggy eye behaviour, included a new original iris texture. Select it in "iris materials" textures tab


New morph from scratch
Rewrapped textures (gen textures should be better now)
New assetbundle with lots of variants of hairs
Fingers are correctly sized now

Tick "show hidden" if it's hidden and select the CUA to change the hairs.


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