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EasyMoan (by geesp0t)

Plugins EasyMoan (by geesp0t) v4.2.3

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As a courtesy for @Nial who makes such nice animations, I checked why EasyMoan didn't work well in VaM 1.20. Since it seemed fairly simple to fix (a lot of find & replaces from morphs to float params), here it is for you all. I do not support this plugin, and I have no credit for it.

This plugin comes from code made by other people, so here's some proper credits:

- geesp0t for making EasyMoan (I just updated it)
- @MacGruber and @VeeRifter for the gaze script used internally
- @VAMDeluxe and @MacGruber for the breathe script used internally

Acid Bubbles
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Latest updates

  1. EasyMoan v4.2.3

    - Orgasm percent storable (contribution by @steppe0815)
  2. EasyMoan v4.2.2

    - Rename "buttons on" to make it clearer ("hud buttons on" instead) - Check when morphs are...
  3. EasyMoan v4.2.1

    Explicit dependencies on the morph var packages

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Awesome, geesp0t's easy moan is a go to for me.
You're the best! Thanks so much!
thank you !
Thanks for doing this work AcidBubbles! You contribute so much to this community
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