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Plugins Disembody 2

Disables most body textures and physics except for selected bodyparts. Originally designed to replace the built-in VR hands. Thanks to @WeebUVR and @giallone for the idea!

Clothes work to some extent as well, but will deform.

Note: Still a WIP, but I wanted to get a version out for people to play with.

  1. Add to a Person atom
  2. Select which bodyparts to show using the Plugin UI

First release
Last update
4.86 star(s) 7 ratings

More resources from Stopper

Latest updates

  1. Added head, penis, and arms. Various fixes.

    Added support for penis, head, and arms. Penis takes the whole pelvis with it and you might...

Latest reviews

This is perfect, thank you!
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This is a great script, but it would be perfect if all parts could be customized.
Upvote 1
I have been waiting for this for 3000 years.
It would be a historical accomplishment if a penis was added.
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Looks really promising, thank you for working on that <3
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Amazing! Please also make it possible to display only the area around the Tits. I want to play with all the women's tits.
Upvote 2
This is great!!!
But when I load the plugin, head, body and limbs are invisible already. I can only change feet and hand visibility. Is this due to the WIP state? Will you provide a version where EACH body part can be selected individually?
I doubt I'll do all body parts. I wanted to get the head and penis working, but that's proved difficult due to the way the body mesh is skinned to the rigging.
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