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Plugins Director v1.0.1


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Controls where the "camera" is by moving it to sequential Animation Pattern steps. Compatible with Passenger for moving in and out of POV mode.

How to use
  1. Add the Director.cs file to an Animation Pattern. I suggest renaming the atom to Director.
  2. Set the mode to WindowCamera, this will allow you to place the camera exactly where you want it.
  3. Set the mode to NavigationRig to make the VR camera follow instead.

You can trigger this with a UIButton, which can also reset the Animation Pattern time to zero, and then set the mode to WindowCamera. When the animation is complete, you can trigger it off. This will make a "Play" button that behaves more like a video control.

You can also add the DirectorStep.cs file to an Animation Step, so when the animation reaches it, it will trigger the Passenger.cs plugin on another atom. You can use this to trigger a person's point of view during the animation.

To make the animation play once, make the last step OnActive event disable Director (set Mode to None).
Acid Bubbles
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Latest reviews

This is something important, thanks for adding to the game!
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It's good but many options are lacking. Like the ability to have longer or shorter camera time. It's all equals.
Also the fadeout doesn't work properly with unity asset used as environment (it doesn't go black at all). Would also been good to be able to disable the fadeout or add different type of transitions.
Still, a nice plugins that was fun to use.
Acid Bubbles
Acid Bubbles
Agreed, reflective surfaces too don't work that well with fading. Due to the lower popularity than what I expected at the time, I didn't invest much time in improving it since it's release. Thanks for the helpful review :)
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