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Carmen Sandiego: International Super-Thief, Antihero, and Out of My League

Looks Carmen Sandiego: International Super-Thief, Antihero, and Out of My League

Thanks for looking!! My free releases live on feedback, please don't forget to (y) if you think it's deserved! ❤️

She was the finest criminal in her class, the rising star of V.I.L.E. (Not to mention, the most beautiful.)
Until, at the age of 22, she realized that she didn't want to hurt people by stealing anymore... and betrayed her organization.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

Unfortunately, V.I.L.E. is very good at a little thing called brainwashing.
In only a moment, the Carmen you know, witty and empathetic...

Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

...could lose her memories and turn into a callous, heartless, single-minded sex machine.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.23 -

...Or, maybe Carmen is just in one of her horny moods again, that happens too...

Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

About This Resource

Carmen has a custom-made skin and original sculpted morph. I didn't spend as much time on the skin as usual, apologies if the rough spots are a distraction. In the Netflix show she's 22, 5'7" (170cm), hourglass-figured, and fit, hopefully I checked all those boxes along with a version of her iconic outfit!

(Can I put this here? Is it breaking a rule? I feel like it should be.)

The VAR contains 3 scenes. The one named "Auto-stripping" means that after loading, her coat will slowly slide up.
Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

Her hat is custom clothing made on the base of a hat from Sketchfab, credit:
"Blue fedora remake" (https://skfb.ly/oHtIr) by DDO1_Models is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

I made her hat as clothing AND as a Custom Unity Asset, so you can "take it off."

Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

Presets Included!
- Hat & Coat
- Casual
- Nude
Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

- Hat & Coat
- Casual

- No Hat
- Hat (doesn't clip)
- Casual

Note that all appearance and hair presets come with her russet bush. Want her shaved? No problem, just remove the pubes from her Hair tab (Show - Active), and remove the Gens Decal from her Skin Textures tab.

Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -
Desktop Screenshot 2024.05.24 -

A huge thanks to the other creators whose hard work, generosity, and artistry helped make this free look possible! (See full credits below).

Thanks for looking, I hope you ❤️❤️ her as much as I do!! She was a ton of fun to make (well mostly the screenshots!)
I can't wait to do some little animations with her.

Don't miss all my other resources! Full catalog also at: ww.syrinxo.com.
I try to do something for everyone, all of my characters are as unique as I can make them.

Total Size
140.19 MB
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Latest reviews

amazing! so realistic skin details
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She got them crazy eyes that I like😳
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This is great! :)
Thanks!! Glad you like!
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Won't argue there. =) I think I'm finally getting a little better at making faces pretty, maybe? Thanks for the review!
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Great look!
Thanks for the review!
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My god! I love her! I will make a mature vers. out of her. She looks so classy but naughty at the same time.
Thanks, awesome! Can't wait to see it =)
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