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Hello everyone!

I've been enjoying the hub for a while now and I think it is time for me to give back to the community. I've been creating stuff and scenes for myself and I'm starting to be at a good enough level to publish some of it.

I like to use VAM to materialize some fantasies and kinks I'll certainly never try in real life. BDSM, extreme slave/master roleplays... you got the picture. I'll intend to bring more of these here. And there are a few things that I've made that I haven't seen anywhere in this hub.
The first is... body writing!

VAM decal system is amazing for this. I've seen resources using it for tattoos, make up or pretend clothing... but I couldn't find any body writings. So here are a few I made!
It has the power to instantly add naughtiness into any scene, really.

Fair warning: this content has rude and graphic components.

Body writing brochette.PNG

Body writing brochette back.PNG

The writings are handmade, as computer fonts did not give a satisfying result.

How to use:
Put the VAR file(s) in VAM's"AddonPackages" folder.

- Select a person
- Go to the "Skin textures" tab
- In "Decal" section, click on the "Select" button next to the name of the desired body part
- Navigate to the package content (for instance by clicking on "Filtered packages") : "ZRSX.Body_writing".
- Choose the body writing you wish to apply. The name is obviously an indication to where you should use it (head, torso, limbs & gens), but any would work anywhere. The rest of the name is the theme: there is no constraint, so I encourage you to mix and match!

... or you can simply select a body appearance to immediately apply a group of themed body writings.
Be aware that this method will replace your character's morphs - VAM doesn't allow to load only the texture (or I haven't found out how).

I hope you like it!
Feel free to throw some suggestions in the comments, on what other body writings you'd like to see or how I could improve this ;)
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Nice work man ! Thanks
More is better :) Noob question can i delete old version ?
Agreed! And yes, you can delete the old version: the new version contains all the previous decals & appearances in addition to the new ones. I will always keep it backward compatible ;)
sick as
Perfect! Thanks bud, been keeping an eye out for just such a thing. Had found a few from a Korean site and they 'worked' but it wasn't quite what I was hoping. These, though....niiiiiiiiice! Thanks!
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