1. Dragontales

    Textures Universal Gloss Texture Maps for Female figures 1

    A set of gloss texture maps to give a more even skin gloss/shine for your figures while also enhancing the lips and genital glossiness and reducing gloss on the hands, feet, and a couple other areas. If you have any thoughts or comments, don't hesitate to leave a comment. Reviews are always...
  2. rernat

    Looks Colourful Viola 4

    Hi folks, today I want to share a new look. This time I played with colours. The special thing is the coloured high quality MakeUp texture. Patreons may recieve 5 additional MakeUp Textures in different colours (see picture below). Let me know if you like the style! Clothes are a bit different...
  3. epi.noah

    Textures Epi.RenVR_RMX_Skins_and_Textures 1

    Textures and skin presets. What it is My custom remix of REN's skins. The modified textures are included in the package. There are 5 skin presets included. My custom looks using these skins are: Kelly, Lisa, Suki, Sofia, and Destiny. How to install Place the var file in your...
  4. C

    Paid Looks 18 Set appearance 2021-03-28

    New Texture, New Morphs~~~ Only appearance~~~ Thank you for your waiting and support! Next time is the complete set
  5. Zendart85

    Other FitNormal 1

  6. ZRSX

    Textures Body writing 2.0

    Hello everyone! I've been enjoying the hub for a while now and I think it is time for me to give back to the community. I've been creating stuff and scenes for myself and I'm starting to be at a good enough level to publish some of it. I like to use VAM to materialize some fantasies and kinks...
  7. Solty

    Looks Double Dragon 1

    Well it's my first official post, so... Finally finished the draco morphs. This package contains a couple of things that need to be subscribed to/downloaded in order for the whole shebang to work correctly. I've also made a set of custom collider positions that make the entire body work...
  8. C

    Paid Looks Looks No.16 Night Queen Set~~~Makeup 2021-03-01

    Three new styles of makeup textures~~~~ Hope you like this
  9. UJVAM

    Paid Textures UJVAM texture V3.0 2021-02-27

    I will release UJVAM real texture V3.0 The reason of version 3.0 why is I could not complete V.2.0 .... It was very difficult work. The color of the anal and areola is lightened, and I imagine a woman younger than V1.0. For makeup, we are particular about the natural luster of the current...
  10. AmineKunai

    Paid Textures 5 Smeared Mascara Decals 2021-02-09

    Here are 5 decals with smeared mascara for your dirty scenes! Have fun and if you want more decals on body - I will try to implement it as clothes so you can use several of them. To apply Decal go to the Skin Texture tab, and select it on Face groups of Decals.
  11. C

    Paid Looks 15 set appearance 2021-02-06

    new texture, new Morphs~~~ Thank you for your waiting and support!
  12. n2it

    Textures Makeup Candy 2021-01-04

    Free to distribute, modify, even commercially. No credit needed. #VAMLife New users: Go to Skin Textures>Decals>Face locate files then click open.
  13. FireByrd

    Textures Female Makeup Texture Pack 1 1

    Five makeup decals (Red/Yellow, Purple, Blue & Purple, Grey & Red, and Goth)
  14. everlaster

    Textures RenVR Originals: skin textures repack and presets 1

    This is a repack of skin textures originally released by @RenVR on Reddit, now re-released with permission. I wanted to make sure these don't get buried in the pre-Hub days since they're very good, comparable in quality to the familiar Ren skins included in VaM. Skin Preset thumbnails...
  15. C

    Paid Looks Bunny girl 2020-11-03

    Including appearance and skin texture
  16. FireByrd

    Paid Textures Futa Makeup Pack 1

    I had trouble finding standalone makeup for futas and so I decided to rectify that! To start there is a Red/Yellow, Purple, Black and Smoky Eye with Red Lipstick More colors/variants are also in the pipeline :D
  17. FireByrd

    Textures Futa Makeup - Smoky Eye & Lipstick 2020-10-09

    I had trouble finding standalone makeup options that worked for futas, so I made some :) This version is fairly subtle, so I provided some comparisons. The other options I've made are less subtle (shameless Patreon reference)
  18. FireByrd

    Paid Textures Futa Tan Lines Pack 1

    After dipping my toe in with the string bikini, I wanted to make some more options! Now with a micro-bikini, one-piece and one-piece with torso cutouts. Let me know if there are any specific kinds of tan lines you'd like to see :)
  19. ICannotDie

    Looks Ashley Futa 1

    Custom sculpted full body morphs and genital decals intended for use on futa models. Genital morphs can easily be used on male models if required. I have spent a long time working on this (on and off over several months), especially on the morphs. I've also created the decals as while I love...
  20. SupaRioAmateur

    Looks 7th Heaven Fighter Pool Party 7

    More previews -> http://www.mediafire.com/folder/d6b6yxh6pl6tg/Tifa Download either from this Hub, or Below 4 links https://www.mediafire.com/file/l09yp0bzt327e8s/SupaRioAmateur.7th_Heaven_Fighter.7.var/file...
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