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BJ Assist is a plugin based on the fantastic BJ Helper plugin by u/physis123. BJ Assist was developed from BJ Helper as a starting point and template. The main differences in this plugin are:
  • Designed to work in tandem with a randomiser plugin (e.g. FloatMultiParamRandomizer)
  • Introduces head rotation to the sucking action
  • Adds tongue animations
  • Enables a face grinding action
  • Auto recovers if the penis and head become disconnected
  • Should work in different positions (e.g. front, 69 or sideways on) - see Usage Guide
  • Lots of other tweaks
Physics Guidance

This plugin controls the head node with a large amount of force , but it does not take a lot of spring force from another node to mis-align it slightly. If you find the mouth and penis are misaligned, then try relaxing the hold position spring of the BJ Giver on all the main body and arm control nodes (which are in an On state) to about 200. Avoid having any body or arm nodes that are locked or on hold.

For the BJ Receiver, ensure that the penis base control node is aligned with the penis base and avoid excessive hold or lock on nodes near the penis base.

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This plugin is absolutely amazing if you spend the right amount of time learning it. As the creator notes- you need two plugins on the person atom. Start with the float randomizer plugin turned off or only working with one of the BJAssist parameters at a time, and just work outwards from there. For a basic BJ scene, this approach blows everything away, even Timeline. Highly recommend.
After figuring out what every parameter does - this plugin is awesome! I can only suggest add some movemets to tongue, currently (when enabled) it is just out and don't moving.
It's finicky to make it work. And when it does it feels really mechanical.
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