Au pair gets stuck in the railings at the penthouse

Scenes Au pair gets stuck in the railings at the penthouse

Few extra animations added and some clothing changes, tried to make some removable shoes but couldn't manage it.
Just a few tweaks nothing major just makes it a bit more playable.
I've sent the au pair on a training course and she's come back ten times tougher, this is thanks to @TdotONY and the addsubtract value plugin. First time now editing the json directly as rejigging the gradual decal application with the new plugin would have been very tiresome in the UI. Some small anim changes and found a couple bugs too.
Using logicbricks model now to reduce triggers by 90% and randomsound audio should make this trun faster
Ok, so to try to fix the bug I've included all the audio files manually rather than the entire directory - let me know if this helps at all, thank you ....
Found the undress feature -how cool is that! So added it in ...
Should be easier now to move her around, posing will still require adjustment to the animations however. Switching out to another look should hopefully not need anything though, triggers are now all well adjusted and locked to the body hopefully. I welcome any suggestions or improvements, thank you. Will include some screenshots and demo videos as requested this time if I've put them in the right place hopefully!


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A lot of mechanisms in this scene so I've cut down some of the bloat hopefully making it load a bit faster and work a bit better on slower systems and hopefully no non-hub hosted dependencies ...
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