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Au pair gets stuck in the railings at the penthouse

Scenes Au pair gets stuck in the railings at the penthouse 2023-11-20

This scene contains hundreds of sound files and decals and dozens of animations and triggers. It will take minutes to load on a fast system and tens of minutes on a modest system. I highly recommend caching.

If it hangs on loading, give it a good few minutes and if you are still having trouble, rename your AddonPackages folder and reload, should be OK then. You can put the folder back in place afterwards. Some users have found this is taking a long time to load as it is clashing with another package some have downloaded, but I haven't worked out which one yet. It should load in the end anyway but that fix should make it a lot faster.

Also works great in passthrough ....

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Latest updates

  1. More random anims

    Forgot a few
  2. Removable shoes, randomised animations, different soundset for gagging

    Have moved the hidden object out the jacuzzi too!
  3. More animations

    Few extra animations added and some clothing changes, tried to make some removable shoes but...

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Thanks man been working on this one a while!
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